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Download the Coarse Material Screw Washers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan offers a Troubleshooting Guide for Coarse Material Screw Washers that will help you minimize downtime in the event an issue should arise. The guide covers such instances as the machine fails to start, the bearings are hot to the touch and more.

Coarse Material Screw Washer Maintenance

How often should I lubricate the lower bearing assembly?

Grease should be inserted into the lower bearing assembly every eight hours. Based on the size of your Coarse Material Screw Washer, refer to the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for the amount of grease required.

How frequently should I replace the wear shoes and paddles?

Visually check these wear parts regularly to make sure they are in good shape in order to avoid downtime. When the leading edges of the parts are worn close to exposing the paddle bases and spiral flights that are welded to the pipe shafts, they should be replaced. It is recommended you keep spare paddles and wear shoes in your stock.

What are the lubrication requirements for the pillow block bearings?

The Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual will have information regarding the type and volume of grease required for your operating conditions.

How frequently should I replace the oil in the gear reducer?

The oil in the gear reducer should be changed 2,000 hours. 

Operational Best Practices

How can I get the best performance from my Coarse Material Screw Washer?

Try to keep the entry of the rock feed from directly impacting the screw shaft as best as you can, and make sure the overflow weir is level.

How do I empty the rock on the shaft at the end of the day?

Continue running the machine for 10-20 minutes after shutdown with no solids feed entering the unit.

What happens is oversized rock enters the washer box?

Shut down the Coarse Material Screw Washer, follow the appropriate lockout/tagout procedures and remove the oversized rock from the washer box.

Recommended Spare Parts

It is recommended that you keep certain replacement parts at your site/facility for your McLanahan Coarse Material Screw Washer.

Part Number


Lower Bearing Assembly1
Pillow Block Bearing Adapter1
Pillow Block Bearing1
Pillow Block Bearing Housing1

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