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Falling Stream Sampling System Maintenance

How will I know when the cutter lips need to be replaced?

It is difficult to say what excessively worn cutter lips will look like since wear patterns will often vary by application. In general, cutter lips should appear uniform/symmetrical, be at the same vertical orientation (height) above the cutter body, appear straight/parallel, and taper to a blunted point. 

Do support casters of guide rollers require greasing?

The standard casters and rollers used on McLanahan falling stream equipment use bearings that are sealed for life to minimize maintenance requirements. Unless you specifically requested your casters or rollers be regreasable, no periodic lubrication is required.

How do I inspect the cutter and cutter lips on my machine?

Depending on the type of falling stream sampler you have, the exact location of the inspection doors and panels can vary slightly. Generally speaking, access doors and panels are located at either parked position. There are usually one set of panels on the upper portion of the sampler that will allow  visual inspection of the top part of the cutter (including the cutter lips) from above and another set of panels on the front portion of the sampler that will allow inspection of the lower portion (usually the discharge portion) of the cutter.

What are signs of wear?

Fugitive material escaping the enclosure end seals during operation as well as noticeable gaps between the seals and the baffle plate indicate enclosure end wear.

Operational Best Practices

How often should I inspect the cutter lips?

Perform an inspection of the cutter lips on a bi-monthly basis. Replace when the cutter opening is no longer a uniform width and/or when the cutter lip edges are no longer parallel, symmetrical or are significantly blunted.

When should I replace the enclosure end seals?

Worn enclosure end seals will allow fugitive material to escape. Adjust the seals to provide a tight fit against the baffle plate. Replace the seals if no further adjustment is possible.

How often should I inspect the rolling support components?

Perform a bi-monthly inspection of the rolling support components, including the support rollers, guide rollers, casters, etc., for proper function. Replace any rolling support components that are not functioning correctly.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain replacement parts on site/at your facility for your Falling Stream Sampling System. These parts will be available in the event of a breakdown and will also be available to perform any repairs that must be made as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance checks.

Part Name


Flat Caster 14 
Inspection Door, 24x242
Seal Kit, Hydraulic Cylinder 
V-Grooved Caster 

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