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Download the Fine Material Screw Washers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan's Fine Material Screw Washer Troubleshooting Guide offers solutions for situations such as the motor is running but the screw shafts are not rotating and the pulley and sheave is stalling.

Fine Material Screw Washer Maintenance

How much grease should I use to lubricate the lower bearing assembly?

The amount of grease required to lubricate the lower bearing assembly depends on the size of the Fine Material Screw Washer. Grease should be added with a grease gun every eight hours. Consult the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for further details.

How do I know when to replace the wear shoes?

The wear shoes should be replaced when the leading edge is worn near to exposing the spiral flights that are welded to the pipe shafts. A visual inspection of the wear shoes will determine whether or not they need replaced.

When should I replace the oil in the gear reducer?

The oil in the gear reducer should be changed every 2,000 hours.

Operational Best Practices

Does the screw shaft speed need changed?

This is application and capacity dependent. Consult the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual, your McLanahan dealer or email with any Fine Material Screw Washer operational questions.

How can I retain the most material?

Make sure all weirs are level.

How can I ensure a product with the least amount of moisture?

Make sure the wash back water connections are plumbed and flushing accumulated fines out of the dewatering deck section of the Screw Washer box.

Recommended Spare Parts List

It is recommended that you keep certain replacement parts at your facility for your Fine Material Screw Washer. These parts will be available in the event of a breakdown and will also be available to perform any repairs that must be made as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance checks.

Part Name


Pillow Block Bearing1
Pillow Block Bearing Adapter1
Pillow Block Bearing Housing1
Lower Bearing Assembly1

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