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Download the Horizontal Manure Augers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan's Horizontal Manure Auger Troubleshooting Guide offers solutions to common maintenance questions that may arise when using this equipment, including what to do if the machine fails to start or the auger is too noisy.

Horizontal Manure Auger Maintenance

How often do I change the oil in the gear box?

Once a year.

How often do I replace the bearings?

Inspect the bearing assemblies every six months and change accordingly.

Can I replace just the end of a screw shaft since the flighting looks good?

Yes, we sell a replacement end that can be welded in once the end is cut off.

Can I buy different styles of bearings?

Yes, depending on the application and location of the bearing, we offer hard iron, urethane, graphite and UHMW bearings.

Operational Best Practices

When should I turn on the auger system, and how long should it run?

The auger should be turned on prior to pushing any manure into the trough. The optimal runtime is usually the minimal amount of time needed to move the manure from the auger trough to a reception pit. Minimizing runtime will minimize wear on the auger and its components.

Will the grating ever wear out?

Yes, in heavily trafficked areas, the grating can wear thin. It is important to inspect the grating system occasionally to make sure it isn't becoming weak. Pushing manure and sand across the grates will weaken them as the top is worn off. Replace or fix them as needed.

Can the drives ever be submerged with manure?

The drives are sealed except for the breather, usually located on top of the case. If the proper shaft seal is used, a submersible drive is installed along with an extended breather, the reducer can be safely submerged. Most drives are not submersible, though, so make sure the drives are protected from the manure. If they are located in a drywell, make sure manure is not leaking in and creating a hazard to the drive.

Recommended Spare Parts

It is recommended that you keep certain Horizontal Manure Auger replacement parts at your facility to make repairs/in the event of a breakdown.

Part Name


Body Bar Pair2
Coupling Bolts8
Coupling Shafts2

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