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Hydrosizer Maintenance

What are some key components that require regular checking?

Underflow Valve Sleeve - Typically you will notice unusual behavior as this gets to the end of its useful life. It is appropriate to remove the sleeve before failure and reverse it to obtain longer life. A new dart valve design is now available with significantly better wear life.Although a larger investment, the short valve sleeve life can make this investment worthwhile.

Teeter Water Nozzles – Depending on the model and configuration, your Hydrosizer™ may have externally serviceable Teeter Water Pipes. In most cases with units manufactured in the past 40 years, servicing them requires entering the separation chamber. This should be done with care and subject to your site’s established safety program. Inspect the nozzles monthly until a pattern of wear is established and then inspect them regularly from there on.  

Operational Best Practices

Do I need to make sure the material is fully hydrated?

Yes. Hydrosizers™ are typically fed via a desliming/dewatering device, such as a Hydrocyclone, to concentrate the feed to somewhere between 50% and 65% solids by weight. Occasionally, Hydrosizers™ have been fed dry via a slurry box; however, care must be taken to fully hydrate the materials to be processed. 

Why is it important to feed the Hydrosizer™ consistently?

While a Hydrosizer™ has relatively standard loadings in terms of tph per unit area for a given cut (separation) point, it is important to consider the effect of both consistency of the feed and the amount of near-size. All mineral processing equipment prefers to see a consistent feed in terms of gradation, volume and density. A Hydrosizer™ tolerates these changes within reason; however, in the case of narrowly banded feeds like frac sand, the increasing amount of sand fraction that is close to the cut-point will lower the unit’s efficiency. 

Recommended Spare Parts

Part Name


Adhesive for Liner Kit   1
Liner Kit     1
Spray Nozzles 182
Transmitter, Pressure Cerabars  1

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