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McLanahan Corporation's Inclined Manure Auger Troubleshooting Guide can help you find solutions to such situations as electric malfunctions, bridged material, worn V-belts and more.

Inclined Manure Auger Maintenance

How often do I grease the upper bearing?

Once a week.

Why do I need to keep filling the oil reservoir?

Either there is a line/fitting leak in the hose going to the lower bearing or the seal in the lower bearing is leaking. 

What is the most replaced wear item?

The flighting on the screw shaft and liners will need replaced about the same time. These two things are the highest wear items.

Do I need to completely remove the worn flighting before replacing with new flighting?

You can either weld the new flighting directly in front of the old flighting or replace the flighting altogether. In either case, it is best to replace all the flighting on the full length of the auger. 

Operational Best Practices

How can I ensure a consistent flow of material from the auger?

The auger will consistently move material as long as the flighting remains the same and the material consistency doesn't change. If the material consistency changes by getting either thicker or thinner, it will affect how much material is carried up the auger. As the auger wears, the diameter will shrink, causing it to carry less material. In either case, increasing the auger speed will increase the material being conveyed. Decreasing the speed will decrease the amount of material being conveyed.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain Incline Manure Auger replacement parts at your facility. These parts will be available in the event of a breakdown and will also be available to perform any repairs that must be made as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance checks.

Part Name


Lower Bearing Assembly
V-Belts (Electric Motor Drive Models Only)1 Set

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