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McLanahan Corporation’s Log Washer Troubleshooting Guide can help you make the most of your machine by offering solutions to situations such as: the machine fails to start; the motor is operating, but the shafts are not; the product material is too dirty; and more.

Log Washer Maintenance

How frequently should I replace the paddles?

Conduct a regular visual inspection of the paddles to ensure they are in good shape. When the leading edges of the paddles are rounded from the original square design and have worn to the extent that rock is cascading over the pipe shafts, indicating a possible compromise of the unit's capacity, the paddles should be replaced. Keeping a stock of spare paddles handy allows for quick replacement when needed.

What should I do if oversized rock enters the washer box?

If, by chance, any oversized rock gets into the washer box, shut off the machine and follow all lockout/tagout procedures on the electric motor's starter, then remove the rock from the washer box.

How often does the gear reducer oil need changed?

Every 2,000 hours.

How do I add grease to the lower bearing assembly?

Lower bearing assemblies have three Zerk fittings; two of these are used to lubricate the bearing and seals. Using a grease gun, add grease to the Zerk fitting on the bearing housing cover to lubricate the bearing cavity. Also using the grease gun, add grease to the Zerk fitting on the underside of the roller bearing housing to lubricate the internal cavity. Insert enough grease so the lubrication cup is at 50%-75% capacity. Never insert grease into the Zerk fitting on the lubrication cup.

Operational Best Practices

How can I get the best performance from my Log Washer?

Try to minimize the rock feed's entry from directly impacting the log shaft.

Where should the rock enter the Log Washer?

The rock/ore should be 40" or 1m forward of the backplate of the washer box.

How can I empty the shafts of rock?

Continue running the Log Washer for 20 minutes with no solids feed during shutdown. This way, the Log Washer can empty itself of a load of rock on the shafts.

Recommended Spare Parts

For repair that must be made as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance checks or in the case of a breakdown, McLanahan Corporation recommends keeping certain Log Washer replacement parts at your facility.

Part Name


Lower Bearing Assembly1
Lower Bearing Assembly Rebuild Kit1
Seal Installation Tool1
Wear Collars 2

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