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Download the Pug Mill Mixers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Pug Mill Mixers Troubleshooting Guide can help you reduce downtime by offering corrective actions to situations such as: the machine fails to start; the motor is operating, but the paddle shafts are not rotating; the bearings are hot to the touch; and the product material is not adequately mixed.

Pug Mill Mixers Maintenance

How much grease should I use to lubricate the bearings?

For both the right-hand shaft and left-hand shaft assembly bearings, add 1.35 cubic inches of grease every eight hours.

How frequently should I replace the paddles?

Check the paddles regularly to ensure they are in good shape in order to avoid downtime. This inspection can be made visually. When the leading edges of the paddles are rounded from the original square design and have worn, indicating a possible compromise of the Pug Mill Mixer's capacity, the paddles should be replaced.

I have oversized material in my mixer box. How do I remove it?

First, shut off the Pugmill Mixer and properly follow all lockout/tagout procedures on the electric motor's starter. Then, remove the oversized material from the mixer box.

How often should I replace the oil in the gear reducer?

Drain the oil and replace it after each 2,500 hours or six months of operation, whichever comes first.

Operational Best Practices

When operating a Pug Mill Mixer, how can I get the best performance from the machine?

Try to reduce the impact the feed solids' entry has on the mixer shafts. All feed materials should be introduced in a controlled, uniform feed rate.

How long should I run the Pug Mill Mixer after shutdown to empty the machine?

10-20 minutes.

How far from the back plate of the mixer box should the feed solids enter the mixer?

Feed solids should be 20" or 1/2m forward of the back plate.

Recommended Spare Parts

It is recommended that you keep certain replacement parts at your facility for your Pug Mill Mixer.

Part Name


Flanged Block Bearing2
Paddles and Fasteners (optional)  1 Set
Right-hand Wear Shoes and Fasteners (optional)   1 Set
V-Belts (if furnished)    1 Set

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