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Download the Roll Presses Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Roll Press Troubleshooting Guide provides corrective actions for situations such as if the machine fails to start; if the motor is operating, but the drum is not rolling; the bearings are hot to touch and more.

Roll Press Maintenance

At what pressure should I operate the rolls?

The air system operates at 20-30 psi.  

How often should I grease the machine?

Once a week.

Should I manually clean the screen roll?

Yes, clean the screen roll at least once a month to maintain dry solids. These can be simply pressure washed with a high-pressure washer and turbo-type nozzle.

The perforated screen is beginning to crack. Can I get it welded up?

The screen can be welded if it cracks, but this will only be a temporary fix. The screen should be replaced as soon as possible.

Operational Best Practices

How can I achieve my desired product dryness?

There are several things that can be done to ensure the product is dewatered properly. Ensure the material is fed into the machine as close to the center of the roll as possible. If too much material comes into the Roll Press, it will overflow the sides and end up in the pressed liquids. It's best to minimize the material that overflows the side of the rolls. Keep the perforated roll(s) clean by power washing them on a regular schedule. Lastly, pressure in the airbags should be maintained at a minimal level, usually around 20 psi.

How important is proper screen cleaning?

Keeping the screen opening free from fiber and other deposits is critical to consistently dewatered fibers. This can be achieved by period power washing of the outside of the screen with a turbo style nozzle.

Recommended Spare Parts

Product Name


No. 60 Chain1
No. 60 Chain Coupling1
Rubber Scraper1
Scraper Plate1

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