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Download the Rotary Drum Separators Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation's Rotary Drum Troubleshooting Guide gives probable reasons for situations such as sloppy discharge and offers corrective actions to implement to resolve them.

Rotary Drum Maintenance

How often do I power wash the screen?

At least once a month, or more often if needed. In some cases, calcium or struvite will build up on the screens, essentially blinding over the openings. When this happens, it can drastically reduce the dewatering capacity of the drum.

Can I use a strong cleaner on the screen?

The best way to keep the screen clean is by consistent power washing with a turbo nozzle. Occasionally, when these rotary drums are used to screen digestate, mineral deposits will form on the screen that are difficult to clean off. When this is the case, an acid wash is the best way to remove these stubborn deposits.  

How do I clean a plugged spray nozzle?

A small screen is located on the backside of each nozzle. When this becomes blinded over, it can reduce the flow through each nozzle. This can be fixed by first removing the plugged nozzle(s). Once the nozzle is removed, the small screen can be taken off and washed.  

When and how do I tighten the belt?

The belt should be tightened a couple days after startup and checked monthly. Tighten the belt by raising the motor mount. The belt should be just tight enough to almost lift the drum off the inlet end trunnion wheels. 

Operational Best Practices

How can I know if I'm feeding the Rotary Drum with the proper amount of material?

This will be most evident by looking at the separated fibers discharge. If the discharge is really wet, the drum is being overfed or the screen needs cleaned. If the material is really thick, the drum is being underfed.

What's the best way to keep the drum running most efficiently?

As long as the screen is kept clean, it will operate efficiently. To keep the screens clean, ensure the CIP nozzles are cleaned and producing a consistent fan pattern. In addition to that, use a turbo type nozzle to clean the screen at least once per month, or more if needed. Occasionally, mineral deposits will cause the screen to blind over. When this happens, it may be necessary to use an acid wash to remove the deposits.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain Rotary Drum replacement parts at your facility. These parts will be available in the event of a breakdown and will also be available to perform any repairs that must be made as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance checks. McLanahan Corporation stocks a wide variety of commonly used components; however storing these parts at your facility will eliminate the expense of air-freighting critical parts that may be required during a breakdown situation.

Part Name


Flange Block Bearings2
Radial Lip Seals2
V-Ring Seals2

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