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McLanahan Corporation’s Rotary Screen Troubleshooting Guide can help you find solutions to situations such as if the motor is operating but the screen is not rotating, and more.

Rotary Scrubber Screen Maintenance

How do I check the drum alignment? 4pt vs. 3pt?

Depending on the design of your machine, it will either be supported by individual trunnion bases and a motor/reducer base, or a full-base frame. The full-base frame consists of the same components as mentioned above, with longitudinal beams tying the trunnion bases together. The longitudinal beams can be bolted to the trunnion bases, or they can be welded to the trunnion bases as a one-piece fabrication.

This is a critical and in-depth procedure. Please refer to the procedures listed in the Rotary Equipment Alignment section of the manual.

Are the cylinder and trunnion tires replaceable?

Yes. Please refer to the Renewable Tire Replacement procedure in the maintenance section of the manual.

What key components need lubricated?

Chain Oiler / Gear Spray Lube System

For machines designed with a chain drive or gear drive, a chain oiler or gear spray lube system is available for drive lubrication. Refer to the lubrication and/or lubrication system sections of the manual for the required lubrication information. 

Trunnion Rollers

In applications where it is not practical to use oil, graphic blocks are an alternative. Unlike oil lubrication, graphic blocks are unlikely to retain dust and other airborne particles on the tire surface.

What are the signs of a misaligned drum?

Uneven wear on the cylinder tire and trunnion rollers, or if the equipment is installed horizontally and the drum is riding against either of the thrust roller assemblies instead of floating between the two. Please refer to the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance.

Operational Best Practices

Can multiple cut sizes be made with the trommel extension?


Should a spray bar be used?

Yes, it is recommended.

Is there an optimum percent solids to feed the scrubber?

A general rule of thumb is 50-60%. Feeds with lower percent solids can affect the length of the scrubber needed for the tonnage required.

Is screening prior to the scrubber recommended?

In most applications, removing the -10mm size fraction prior to the scrubber permits a better scrubbing of the coarse fraction.

Recommended Spare Parts

It is recommended that you keep certain Rotary Scrubber Screen replacement parts at your facility.

Part Name


Main Roller Bearing Assembly 1
Thrust Roller Assembly for Chain/Gear Case (if furnished)1
Trunnion Roller and Bearing Assembly
(Shaft Roller, Tire and Bearings)
Rubber Dust Seal for Dust Housing (If Furnished)1 Set

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