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Sizer Maintenance

How often do the components/bearings need lubricated?

  • Gear reducers should be lubricated in a continuous oil bath and inspect every eight hours. Be sure to maintain the oil level.
  • Roll shaft roller bearings and auxiliary bearing seals should be lubricated with an automatic system according to the table in the Drawings section of the manual. Inspect the grease level in the reservoir every eight hours.
  • Maintenance rollers should be lubricated by hand before use. Apply 0.06 cubic inches of lubricant. Hydraulic cylinders should be filled by hand to maintain oil level. Inspect the oil level prior to use.

NOTE: Certain components (motor, reducer, coupling, hydraulics, etc.) may have additional lubrication information presented throughout this manual. Refer to each component’s section for more detailed information regarding lubrication. In the event of conflicting information, always use the guidelines providing the highest degree of protection/safety.

Why am I getting oversized product?

Most likely the teeth have worn, allowing oversized product to pass. Making a product size adjustment should eliminate this issue.

How do I make a product size adjustment (primary/secondary vs. tertiary)?

Primary/secondary sizers

The crusher setting, defined as the distance between the two roll bodies, dictates the size of the crushed product produced by the Sizer. Note that tooth height, although dictating minimum setting, is not included in the measurement when determining the crusher setting.

The crusher setting may be adjusted by moving the back plate, movable roll and drive either closer to or farther away from the stationary roll. These components are fastened together and move as one unit. Once adjusted, the desired setting is held in place by shim packs and retaining bolts.

Tertiary Sizers

Depending on the adjustment to be made, the sizing combs on the outside of the machine may be adjusted inward or outward by loosening the sizing comb bolts and adding or removing shims. Once the adjustment is made, re-tighten the sizing comb bolts.

How do I replace the fusible plug in the fluid coupling?

The fluid type and required fill level are found on the Parts List & Assembly drawings and/or the Drive System drawing. Please refer to these documents for detailed instructions on fusible plug replacement.

Operational Best Practices

Proper feeding.

It is recommended that the feed to the crusher is perpendicular to the rolls to ensure even wear across the width of the rolls.

Ensure the feed size is correct based on the desired product size.

The recommended ratio of reduction is 4:1. Make sure that the maximum feed size does not exceed four times the desired product size.

Should screening be considered prior to the Sizer?

It is not necessary.

Recommended Spare Parts

We recommend that you keep certain replacement parts for your Sizer at your facility for repair or in the event of a breakdown.

Part Name


Retaining Ring1
Spherical Roller Bearing2
Split Seal6
Tapered Bearing Adapter2

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