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Download the Vezin Samplers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation's Vezin Sampler Troubleshooting Guide offers instructions for removing foreign material and other situations that may arise when using this equipment.

Vezin Sampler Maintenance

How will I know when the cutter lips need replaced?

Cutter lip assemblies will wear over time. If the cutter opening becomes deformed, meaning it no longer maintains the correct "wedge" profile, or it is excessively worn, the cutter lips should be replaced.

Material is building up on my machine. What should I do?

Inspect the inside of the machine to ensure that no material buildup is occurring. If buildup is observed, it should be cleaned. If buildup is a chronic problem, proactive measures removing the buildup should be implemented (e.g. spray bars in slurry applications).

Operational Best Practices

How can I ensure the best operation of my Vezin Sampler?

It is best to maintain a continuous or near continuous flow through the Vezin Sampler.

What should I consider when choosing a cutter design?

Consider your material when choosing a cutter design. Vezin Samplers used in applications with solids materials or slurries with higher solids content should incorporate a steeper, 6-degree cutter Vezin design. Applications with liquids or slurries with lower solids content can incorporate Vezins with 35-degree cutters.

How often should I inspect the internal surfaces?

Perform a daily inspection of the Vezin Sampler's internal surfaces for buildup. Clean the inside of the machine as necessary. Consider proactive measures for cleaning away buildup if acceptable for the given application.

Note: Less frequent inspection can be conducted if daily inspections do not show buildup.

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