Stacking Augers

Stacking augers are used to provide continuous stacking of separated manure fibers or sand.

Stacking Augers are an important part of a manure management system. They reduce the time spent moving and stacking separated, dewatered or dried sand or manure. They are extremely versatile, can span long distances and can operate at varying angles. Multiple systems can operate together to span really long distances and change direction.

Due to the variations in installation requirements, these auger systems are available in many different lengths, drives, seal arrangements, grates, bearings, hangars and materials of construction. They are also available with heavy-duty components for extreme durability in the harshest conditions. Varying sizes and lengths of U-troughs can be can be supplied.

How Stacking Augers Work

Many manure and sand separation systems operate with minimal operator interface. The systems are often turned on at the beginning of a work cycle and switched off at the end. During this time, a considerable amount of sand and manure can be separated, dewatered and dried. Installing a Stacking Auger can minimize the amount of time an operator needs to move these materials. The Stacking Auger moves the separated material away from the separation process, allowing a larger stack to be formed and less movement of material by an operator.

Why McLanahan Stacking Augers

Dairy producers looking to implement a Stacking Auger into their manure system can work directly with McLanahan’s technical team to select the best system for their dairy. All systems come with a detailed installation drawing and layout.

Augers are one of the most versatile ways to transfer materials. Standard 12-foot-long screw shaft sections are coupled with standard coupling shafts. Quick-disconnect caps at each end of the shaft allow for quick shaft changeout. Intermediate hangar bearings are located at the end of every 12-foot auger section. These bearings are available in hard iron, urethane, graphite or UHMW. Heavy-duty versions of these components are available for abrasive and difficult situations. Standard-duty painted steel U-troughs are available as well as 304 stainless steel.

Our dealers and engineers can help you design the best conveyance and stacking system for your specific application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stacking Augers

Ask An Expert

Yes, variations of these screw conveyors are used to move hundreds of different kinds of materials. Our engineering team will help determine if they are right for your application.  

McLanahan Stacking Auger systems are available in standard components and heavy-duty components for more severe applications. Our engineering team will help to determine if your application calls for standard or heavy-duty components. These systems are also available with different drive and seal designs. U-troughs and support legs and structures are also available. 

Bearings are available in hard iron, urethane, EHMW or graphite. Drives can be electric, belt driven; electric gearmotor or hydraulic. Standard lip seals, CAT Metal Face Seals and submersible seals are available. Flighting can be helicoid, HD helicoid, sectional AR, full or half pitch, tapered, or RH, LH or split. Troughs are available in mild or stainless steel, and trough adapter for mounting drives are also available. 

Yes, our engineering team has many years of experience designing conveyance systems. They can provide all the details that are needed to build, install and maintain a Stacking Auger system. Here is an example of a large Stacking Auger system that was designed for moving and stacking manure solids.

Stacking Augers are an important part of a manure management system.

Features & Benefits
  • Continuous stacking of manure solids or sand from separation systems
  • Piles can be stockpiled for several days to several weeks
  • Standard or customizable designs are available
  • Heavy-duty options are available
  • Most components are in stock

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