UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing

Offering all the power of our well-known cone, jaw and impact crushers, McLanahan UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing Systems were created to provide flexibility without sacrificing performance. These pre-built, pre-engineered designs produce the highest-quality end product for a number of industries — all in an easy-to-transport, quick-to-setup module.


McLanahan UltraCRUSH Systems can be used to reduce the size of a variety of material, including hard rock such as granite and soft rock such as limestone, sand and gravel, coal and other minerals, in a wide range of industries. 

Their modular design allows them to be easily transported around a site or from one location to another without having to duplicate equipment. This makes them ideal for producers with multiple sites that operate seasonally. Modules arrive in shipping containers and can be placed into operation rapidly. Shorter lead times and quick setup times mean you can begin producing sooner than you would with stationary equipment, leading to a quicker return on your investment.

How UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing Systems Work

Employing the forces of compression, impact, shear and attrition, McLanahan UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing Systems reduce large sizes of material either for further processing in a secondary or tertiary crusher or to end product size. If necessary, multiple crusher modules and crusher types can be combined to create the necessary stages of reduction for your operation.

UltraCRUSH modular crushers arrive on-site in an almost fully assembled state. Remove them from their shipping container, set them into place, connect all electrical wiring and begin production. When you’ve finished producing at one site, disconnect the electrical wiring and transport to the next location. 

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Why McLanahan UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing Systems

McLanahan has long been known and respected for our experience and knowledge in material processing applications, and now our best equipment is available in pre-defined plant layouts. McLanahan UltraCRUSH plants take our decades of experience in crushing and package it into pre-engineered, standardized modules that can provide crushing at all stages with quick ROI.

McLanahan equipment is known for its performance and durability, and you can expect the same from our UltraCRUSH Modular Crushers. Utilizing our field-proven designs, we have created standard components that allow for quick delivery and easy assembly to get your plant up and running. Our modular crushing systems can handle everything from hard-rock to soft materials can be configured with multiple other modular components to create a complete crushing circuit that meets your specifications. We know the importance of keeping your application operating and profitable, so we back each and every UltraCRUSH System with our legendary service and support for the life of the machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions About UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing Systems

Ask An Expert

Modular crushers offer the same crushing power as their stationary counterparts. They provide the same ratios of reduction and can handle the same capacities. The difference between a modular crusher and a stationary crusher is the modular crusher is of a standard, pre-determined design, so it will arrive on-site quickly and can be installed in a very short time. Another difference between modular crushers and stationary crushers is the ability to transport the modular crusher around a site or between sites. The modular crusher can be easily transported and moved to where production is next needed.

All UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing Systems will arrive on-site in an almost fully assembled state. Once on site, it is very quick to be put into operation.

UltraCRUSH Systems are a cost-effective solution for a variety of crushing applications and a wide range of production needs. Further cost savings can be realized for producers with multiple sites by transporting the crushing system from one site to the next. To receive a quote on our UltraCRUSH, contact enquires@mclanahan.uk.com.

We offer crushing modules for all stages of the crushing process, from primary reduction to final sizing. Our range of crushing modules includes jaw crushers, cone crushers and impact crushers. For more information on our modular crushing options, contact enquiries@mclanahan.uk.com.

This depends on the module. Each style of modular crusher delivers a different ratio or reduction. An UltraCrush Jaw Crusher offers a 6:1 reduction ratio. An UltraCrush Cone Crusher offers a 4:1 or 6:1 reduction ratio. An UltraCrush Impact Crusher can offer a 20:1 or 12:1 reduction ratio. For more information on the reduction ratios each UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing System offers, contact enquiries@mclanahan.uk.com.

These pre-built, pre-engineered designs produce the highest-quality end product for a number of industries.

Features & Benefits
  • Shorter lead times
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Modular design allows integration into existing plants
  • Combine the primary/secondary/tertiary/quaternary crushing stages
  • Stairs and walkways for easy access and maintenance
  • Easy on-site assembly
  • Compact design allows for ease of transport
  • Multiple module options to fit your application

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