Anaerobic Digestion Success Stories: Dairy Producers and Experts Share Their Experiences


There are many reasons to add anaerobic digester technology to dairy farms, including opportunities for adding a new revenue source while reducing a dairy’s environmental footprint and participating in developing carbon markets.

As anaerobic digester technology adoption increases across the county, it’s important to keep in mind success requires teamwork, time and planning. Dairy producer Lynn Boadwine will join us in this webinar to discuss what other farmers should consider when evaluating an anaerobic digester, as well as the impact anaerobic digesters have had on his own dairy farm operations.

In this webinar, Renee Schrift will lead the panel discussion, focusing on what steps and people are needed to bring a project like this to life. The panel will share insights into how they tackled their anaerobic digestion projects and how they are working for them today.

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