How To Replace a Bearing in a Horizontal Manure Auger

How To


Before performing maintenance on a horizontal manure auger, be sure to read and follow the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. Follow the appropriate lockout/tagout/blockout procedures, and read and follow all safety tags. Failure to do so could result in injury or death.

You Will Need:

  • Wrench and socket set containing the following sizes: 1-1/8", 3/4" and 15/16"
  • Spanning material (wood or pipe)
  • Two straps to support the screw shaft 
  • Wood blocks to support the screw shaft
  • Replacement bearings


Step 1.

Electronically rotate the screw shaft so the quick-disconnect caps are facing out to one side.

Step 2.

Switch off the power to the horizontal manure auger, and lock the switch in the off position to ensure no power can get to the machine while replacing the bearing.

Step 3.

Remove the grate cover to the access the screw shaft.

Step 4.

Support the screw shaft by laying wood or pipe across the trench, one piece close to each side of the bearing you are replacing, and strapping the screw shaft to the wood or pipe.

Step 5.

Insert support blocks under each screw shaft on either side of the bearing you are replacing.

Step 6.

Remove the coupling bolts on the screw shaft, one on each side of the bearing. 

Step 7.

Using the 1-1/8” wrench, unbolt and remove the quick-disconnect caps. Inspect the caps for wear or damage.

Step 8.

Using the ¾” wrench, unbolt the body bar that is on the same side as the quick-disconnect cap from the top plate. 

Step 9.

Using the 15/16” wrench, unbolt the body bars from each other, and remove one-half of the body bar pair. 

Step 10.

Pull the coupling shaft and bearing assembly out of the screw shaft, and remove the bearing from the coupling shaft. Inspect the coupling shaft for wear or damage.

Step 11.

Insert the new bearing around the coupling shaft.

Step 12.

Insert the bearing and coupling shaft assembly into the screw shaft.

Step 13.

Bolt the body bars back together using the 15/16” wrench. 

Step 14.

Bolt the unconnected half of the body bar pair back to the top plate using the ¾” wrench.

Step 15.

Replace the quick-disconnect caps and all coupling bolts, torqueing to recommended specifications. 

Step 16.

Remove the screw shaft supports.

Step 17.

Replace the grate cover.

Step 18.

Remove the lock from the power switch, and restore power to the auger.  

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