McLanahan | Who's On Your Digester Team?

Who's On Your Digester Team?

Building Your Digester Project Team Anaerobic digester projects allow dairies to add a new revenue stream, participate in developing carbon markets and reduce environmental footprint. Here are the team members you want to include to help you navigate the complexities of your digester project along the way. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) PersonnelThey can be a source of digester funding, as well as provide federal regulatory guidance and practice standards for dairy farms. AgronomistsThey help plan and utilize manure resources effectively, providing insights on nutrient application, management and soil fertility. Irrigation SpecialistsThey help determine the best system for applying manure effluent via irrigation. Local and State Government OfficialsThey provide information on local, county and state siting regulations. State Departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources PersonnelThey provide guidance on state-specific requirements. Farm AttorneyThey ensure legal rights are protected and responsibilities of involved parties are defined. LendersThey should be kept informed from the beginning to the end of the project. Manure Management System SpecialistsThey help understand and optimize manure volume, storage and transport throughout the farm's facilities.