Introducing the Mineral Sizer

July 12, 2022
Read this blog to learn all about McLanahan's Primary Mineral Sizer.

As the demand for minerals increases and the supply of high-grade ore decreases, many mines, especially older iron ore and copper mines, will find themselves processing harder material with more and more contaminants, such as clay. Clay and other contaminants can be problematic for some mining equipment like traditional Jaw Crushers, Gyratory Crushers and Impactors, which are all used for material size reduction.

McLanahan’s Mineral Sizer, one of the company’s latest engineering feats, solves this problem by incorporating unique components and maintenance features into their already proven sizer design. The new Mineral Sizer can handle tough hard rock and can break up the sticky clays that can gum up other types of crushers, as well as fit into areas where height and access are restrictive factors for other forms of crushing.

It is ideal for processing copper, iron ore, gold, nickel, lithium, spodumene, coal, potash, phosphate and many other hard rock minerals and is especially useful for underground operations. 

“Our mining and minerals customers are looking for primary and secondary crushing options that are not only lower capital cost but also more functional to maintain,” said Rod Wilson, Director of Technical Development at McLanahan. “Our new Mineral Sizer is designed for easier access, safer component changeout and with improved features to reduce the overall lifecycle costs.”

The McLanahan Mineral Sizer was developed to provide customers with a more efficient primary and secondary crushing solution. It was designed based on customer feedback and with a lower total cost of ownership.

“We engage in close relationships with our customers and other mineral processing operators, ensuring that our equipment is designed with the operator in mind,” Wilson explained. “The result is a machine with unique operating configurations and easier maintenance that also features the latest condition monitoring technology.

“We took on feedback, and we took the time to design it right.”

The new design features an accessible breaker bar system, segmented crushing components for easy changeout, hydraulically actuated locating pins for secure machine positioning and modular drive configurations that expedite removal and replacement of both drive and shaft assemblies.

“We are very proud of the new McLanahan Mineral Sizer, which has been designed and built with the customer in mind,” Wilson shared.

Mineral Sizer features

The McLanahan Mineral Sizer has many features for ease of operation and maintenance.

Flexible tooth pattern and interchangeable segments

Designed with a flexible configuration of crusher tooth segments, the Mineral Sizer provides the operator with a setup for a scroll tooth pattern using interchangeable crushing tooth segments.

Innovative segment design for easy removal of crushing components

Each crushing segment can be unbolted and replaced while the sizer is in place. Each segment is interchangeable, and if uneven wear occurs, they can be relocated within the crushing chamber to maintain product size and increase wear life. Impact hammers are field replaceable, weldable and hard faced to prolong the life and effectiveness of impact surfaces.

Flexible drive system designed for better access, easier operation and increased flexibility

The Mineral Sizer features a flexible drive system that includes the use of standard, readily available OEM motors, couplings and gear reducers.

Shaft coupling arrangements enable easy replacement of drive modules without the need to dismantle the reducer or drain gear oils. The drive systems are designed for better access, easier operation and increased flexibility.

Simpler roll shaft assembly removal and installation process

The Mineral Sizer features a simpler roll shaft assembly removal and replacement for reduced downtime. To reduce risk and improve replacement downtime, the side liners and end liners can each be removed from the top of the machine in one lift. Once the liners have been removed, the side cover plates can be removed quickly, and each roll assembly is removed and replaced as one cassette. This design feature drastically reduces downtime and allows for major maintenance projects to be completed safely and in the workshop.

Local rail tramming system for faster, safer maintenance

The control panel located adjacent to the machine enables local control of the locating pin activation as well as tramming of the machine keeping personnel safely away while easily moving the machine between operating and maintenance positions.

Unique and improved breaker bar design with hydraulic gap adjustment

Featuring cast McL 525 high wear replaceable hammers and easily replaceable side abrasion liners, the unique breaker bar design eliminates slabby material passing and delivers a higher crushing ratio.

The unique breaker bar design also features hydraulic gap adjustment. The Mineral Sizer frame is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder at each end to raise and lower the breaker bar. Packer plates are used to shim the breaker bar into the new position, providing safer adjustment to maintain product size and maximizing the wear life of the breaker blocks.

To remove the breaker bar, the operator trams the sizer out into the maintenance position and lowers the breaker bar to the floor grate. The sizer is then trammed back into position, (or trammed further to an alternative maintenance position) and the breaker bar is then free for collection or for maintenance independent of other tasks on the sizer. This eliminates the need to build scaffolding under the sizer to work on or remove and replace the bar, as well as eliminates the need to manually lift the bar or hammers over shoulder height. With this design, no person is working above another.

Off-the-shelf for faster replacement

The drive componentry used in the Mineral Sizer, such as gearboxes, couplings, seals and bearings, is readily available in the market to ensure faster supply.

Unique, detachable mobile service control platform for easier and safer operation and maintenance

The service platform houses the condition monitoring panel, lubrication cabinet, HPU and reducer oil conditioning system. The machine locating pins and breaker bar adjustment can be managed from the local control panel or the service platform facilitating safer maintenance practices with clearer vision and control. 

Why McLanahan Mineral Sizers

McLanahan Mineral Sizers were designed with the operator in mind, as well as for faster, safer maintenance. They can accept a maximum feed size of 1200mm (47”) and produce a product size down to 300mm (12”) and smaller with the inclusion of the breaker bar.

Engineered with flexible drive and tooth options, safer access, easier replacement of wear components and the latest remote condition monitoring, McLanahan’s Mineral Sizer delivers a lower total cost of ownership with its value-driven design. The innovative design features provide immediate returns to your operation with faster, safer maintenance and reduced downtime.

As with all McLanahan equipment, the Mineral Sizer is backed by McLanahan’s trusted local manufacture, local expertise and local support for the life of the machine.

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