Mineral Sizers

Mineral Sizers are used to process high volumes of hard rock minerals such as iron ore, copper, gold and nickel, as well as soft, non-coal minerals, lower capacity battery minerals and rare earth minerals such as spodumene, antimony and cobalt.


Mineral Sizers are designed to provide a more effective means for crushing clay-ridden, sticky material that can cause problems in other types of primary crushers, such as Jaws, Gyratories and Impactors. With a lower height and smaller footprint than other primary crushers, Mineral Sizers are ideal for underground mining operations with lower headroom and other spacing restrictions.

How Mineral Sizers work

Mineral Sizers feature two inward rotating roll shafts with replaceable segments equipped with crushing hammers. The preferred method of feeding is by an Apron or chain-type feeder, which delivers material at a uniform rate and distributes it evenly across the roll shafts.

As the material comes into contact with the rotating shafts, the hammers on the roll shaft segments grip, position and break the material in stages. Material that is to size can pass around or between the shafts. The breaker bar can perform an additional reduction, further reducing the material to size.

Mineral Sizers can accept feed lumps up to 1200 mm (47”) and reduce them down to 300 mm (12”). The product size can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the space between the roll bodies.

McLanahan Mineral Sizers are designed to process a variety of materials, including copper, iron ore, gold, nickel, lithium/spodumene, coal, potash, phosphate and other hard rock and soft, non-coal minerals. They can be used in primary or secondary crushing applications. They excel at handling feeds with clays and other contaminants that are problematic for Jaw Crushers, Gyratory Crushers and Impact Crushers. Mineral Sizers are also ideal for underground operations where height and access are restrictive factors for other forms of primary crushers.

Why McLanahan Mineral Sizers

The Mineral Sizer is the latest in the McLanahan range of Direct-Drive Crushing Sizers, designed based on customer feedback and with ease of maintenance and low cost of operation in mind. These machines produce a more consistent size fraction for more precise process flow.

McLanahan Mineral Sizers feature a unique design. A scrolled tooth pattern allows for the capturing of larger lumps and the correct positioning for crushing. The roll segments are designed for either quick hammer replacement or complete segment replacement without having to remove the roll shafts. The roll shaft assembly is also simple and easy to remove and replace, allowing for less downtime since there is no need to dismantle the gearbox to release the shaft.

The McLanahan Mineral Sizer also features an optional unique breaker bar design for simplified adjustment and removal. The breaker bar can eliminate slabby material escaping the machine and deliver a higher ratio of reduction. With its positioning at the underside of the frame in between each roll shaft, the height is adjusted by using two hydraulic cylinders and shims. The breaker shaft wear segments are designed for easy removal and replacement using a hydraulic fastener system. To remove the breaker bar, the operator trams the machine out of the feed stream and into the maintenance position, then lowers the breaker bar to the floor grate. This places the breaker bar in an ergonomically friendly maintenance position.

A rail tramming system forms part of the tramming support frame, which also houses hydraulic locating pins. Both drives are positioned well forward of the crushing chamber, reducing the possibility of contamination from spillage. The tramming system is operated from the control panel, which also includes the integration of locating sensors for correct positioning.

McLanahan Mineral Sizers offer a dual drive, which offers significant benefits for access, operation and flexibility of maintenance and includes options for either parallel shaft or right-angled orientation.

Other features of the McLanahan Mineral Sizer include remote sensing, condition monitoring, auto lubrication, auxiliary platform and cooling system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mineral Sizers

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A Mineral Sizer offers a more effective means for crushing clay-ridden sticky material, eliminating the need for recirculation of oversized material as produced by Jaws, Gyratories or Impactors. Mineral Sizers have a lower capital cost than other primary crushers as well as a lower infrastructure/structural cost.

No, but the benefits of using the breaker bar are twofold. The breaker bar eliminates slabby material from escaping the machine, and it can deliver a higher ratio of reduction.

No, the Mineral Sizer's roll shafts are designed so that the wear segments and wear hammers can be easily removed and replaced without having to remove the roll shaft.

With decades of experience in minerals processing and designing direct-drive crushing sizers for these industries, McLanahan developed the Mineral Sizer with ease of maintenance and operation in mind. McLanahan’s Mineral Sizer includes many thoughtfully designed features, including a removable and adjustable breaker bar; tramming system and locating pins for moving the sizer out of the feed stream into the maintenance position; easily removable wear segments, hammers, roll shafts and wear liners; and more.

Backed by lifetime local service and support, McLanahan’s Mineral Sizer is a lower-cost primary crushing option for the reduction of hard rock and soft, non-coal minerals, as well as a secondary crushing option for rare earth and battery minerals.

McLanahan Mineral Sizers excel at handling feeds with clays and other contaminants that are problematic for other types of crushers.

Features & Benefits
  • Designed for lower cost of ownership
  • Designed with the operator in mind
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Lower capital cost than other primary crushers
  • Flexibility in tooth design - scroll or flat pattern
  • Segment design for easy removal of crushing components
  • Fast and easy removal and replacement for roll segments, gearboxes and couplings
  • Unique breaker bar design
  • Hydraulic fasteners on breaker bar allow all nuts to be released simultaneously
  • Simple hydraulic breaker bar adjustment and removal without requiring personnel under the sizer
  • Service and control platform with flexible drive system orientation
  • Self-driven tramming with remote-activated locating pins
  • Off-the-shelf drive components for reduced downtime

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