Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Municipal solid waste (MSW), commonly known as trash, garbage or rubbish, is a type of waste that generally consists of everyday items, such as food packaging, food scraps, furniture, clothing, appliances, newspapers, bottles, yard waste, etc. These MSW products are items that are discarded by the public and need to either be sorted for further processing or sent to landfills. The composition of MSW material can vary greatly from municipality to municipality based on the development of each municipality’s recycling system.

After collection of MSW from the source, commingled waste can be taken to a materials recovery facility, also known as a MRF, where material can be manually or mechanically sorted. McLanahan Corporation has an experienced design team that can work with your MSW processing system needs to create a custom engineered MRF. McLanahan technology has been proven to divert MSW from entering landfills by sorting, separating and recovering valuable commodities.