McLanahan Agricultural Sand Dewatering Screens remove 40% of moisture from recycled sand bedding

When sand bedding is recycled from a traditional Sand-Manure Separation System, it contains about 20% moisture. McLanahan Agricultural Sand Dewatering Screens can remove that excess moisture for a drip-free product that requires minimal conditioning before reuse. 

Field-proven in the mining industry for decades, McLanahan Dewatering Screens have been adapted for the dairy industry to reduce the moisture content in recycled sand bedding. They can be installed after new or existing Sand-Manure Separation Systems to save dairy producers both time and money. The sand can be reused faster, reducing sand inventory. 

How do Dewatering Screens work?

Washed sand is fed onto the steeply inclined rear of the Dewatering Screen. Counter-rotating vibratory motors create a linear motion that rapidly throws the sand upward and forward. This motion forces the liquid to drain through the screen surface. The sand discharges off the end of the Dewatering Screen as a drip-free product that can be reused almost immediately.  

Dewatering Screen applications

McLanahan Agricultural Sand Dewatering Screens can be supplied with new Sand-Manure Separation Systems, or they can be added to an existing system to provide a final dewatering step. These screens can also be used in conjunction with sand lanes to allow a quicker recovery of the sand. 

How much moisture will a Dewatering Screen remove?

Adding an Agricultural Sand Dewatering Screen after a Sand-Manure Separation System will remove up to 40% more moisture, for a final moisture content as low as 12%. The lower moisture content means less conditioning time, less operator handling time, and less money tied up in sand inventory. 

For a cleaner product

Besides removing moisture, McLanahan Agricultural Sand Dewatering Screens also remove 80% of the remaining organic material. As the liquid exits from the sand through the screen media, it takes a portion of the organic fibers with it. This results in a cleaner sand without the use of additional water and improves the overall quality of the freestall bedding. 

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