McLanahan Australia ships Rotary Breaker to QLD customer

Written by: Jodi Thornton

Solid demand for high quality coal and the need for operators to upgrade and replace ageing equipment has coincided with the move to our new facility in Cameron Park, NSW. 

This facility allows us to assemble multiple large machines concurrently, driving efficiencies that benefit our customers. 

The latest machine is an 11x24 RCB which is a replacement for a client that we completed a retro fit for back in 2006. Manufacture of the barrel commenced in July, assembled here at the new workshop with factory acceptance testing completed at the end of November. A purpose built test bed was installed in the workshop to allow rotary equipment of varying dimensions to be rotated around for both liner assembly and factory acceptance testing.

Rod Wilson, Director of Technical Services for McLanahan Australia, is one of McLanahan’s longest serving engineers and has been personally involved in many rotary breakers manufactured locally.

Over the past 15 years we have designed and built Rotary Breakers and aluminium ‘bath’ breakers for clients across Australia and the Asia pacific region. Recently we have been replacing older machines that are no longer supported by the original supplier and have reached the end of their operating life. I don’t think there is anyone in the country that knows more about Rotary Coal Breakers than McLanahan and having the engineering team and the service team situated close to our customers provides them with added confidence about the long term support of their new and refurbished breakers
Rotary Breaker
3D rendering of the Rotary Breaker

During the final assembly our customer’s representatives travelled down to witness the factory testing and to go through our ISO documentation. Our new facility offered a spacious area for our engineering personnel to engage with customers and to introduce the customer to the technicians who assisted in the manufacturing and will also provide the site support throughput the life of the machine.

Inside of Rotary Breaker
Inside the Rotary Breaker

This equipment is now on its way to Central Queensland for installation and commissioning. It will be followed shortly after by a Rotary Scrubber-trommel bound for South Australia. Having many years’ experience in manufacturing rotary processing equipment with previously limited workshop space the new facility adds much needed efficiency to our manufacturing processes.

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