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McLanahan Partners With Arizona Plant To Better Regulate Product Size

Hollidaysburg, Pa., February 27, 2024 – McLanahan has finalized the sale of two Ultra Sand Plants for producing concrete sand and mortar sand at a ready-mix and aggregate facility in Arizona.

Already a McLanahan customer, the Arizona producer turned to McLanahan for a solution that would allow them to produce their products in the most efficient means possible. McLanahan recommended two Ultra Sand Plants, one for processing the coarse sand one for processing the fine sand, to allow the customer to wash and classify their sand while also dewatering the product ahead of stockpiling.

The main components of the Ultra Sand Plants include Sumps, Pumps, Separators™, and Dewatering Screens.

Starting with the coarse circuit, the sand is pumped to a bank of Separators™ for the removal of unnecessary fines, which flow to tailings. Partially dewatered underflow from the Separators™ is fed onto a Dewatering Screen. From there, the Dewatering Screen further dewaters the sand and discharges a drip-free product, ready for immediate transport by conveyor belt. Any material passing through the Dewatering Screen flows to the second Ultra Sand Plant, where the process is repeated. At the end of the fines circuit, a flop gate allows material coming off the Dewatering Screen to be mixed back into the coarser sand product in a controlled manner. Any fines not blended back into the concrete sand are then sold as mortar sand.

“Separating the medium and fine grades of sand from the coarse sand being produced at this plant really allows them to control the amount of fines that they put back into their finished product,” said Tom Keirn, Regional Sales Manager for McLanahan. “By being able to regulate the amount of fines they introduce into their final product, the customer can ensure they are meeting the spec requirements for the concrete sand they are producing.”

This is one of many projects that McLanahan has partnered with this producer to design. “We’re excited to continue our partnership,” said Keirn. “Their dedication to creating the most consistent and reliable product aligns with our dedication to our customers.”

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