McLanahan Partners With Michigan Dairy On Anaerobic Digestion Pre-Treatment Project

Hollidaysburg, Pa., January 23, 2024 – McLanahan Corporation has finalized the sale of a complete Sand Separation System to be used for pre-treating the manure stream ahead of an anaerobic digester. McLanahan partnered with Dynamic Farm Solutions to develop this project for a dairy with 8,000 cows in the Michigan area.

Already a McLanahan customer, the Michigan Dairy needed to upgrade its existing flush-flume system to meet the demands of implementing a digester. McLanahan and Dynamic Farm Solutions suggested upgrading to a vacuum truck delivery system with closed-loop sand-manure separation equipment that will allow the dairy to increase its sand recycling capabilities while providing a nearly sand-free effluent to feed the digester.

The main components of the Closed-Loop Sand Separation System include two Double 36” Sand-Manure Separators and a 20” Fine Sand Washer for recovering and cleaning the sand from the manure stream for reuse, three Shaker Screens for dewatering the sand to reduce the moisture content for improved turnaround time and two Agricultural Hydrocyclones for increasing fine sand recovery. Four 60” Rotary Drum Separators will be used for separating the manure stream into thickened solids for use in the digester and recycled water for use in the sand separation process.

The system will also include a control panel with remote access and text message/email alert capabilities, which will allow the dairy to immediately receive updates about the status of the system.

“With a growing focus on sustainability and interest in recycled natural gas projects, many dairies are adding anaerobic digesters to their operation,” said Dave Swartz, Engineering Field Service Technician and Sales Manager for McLanahan. “Dairies bedding on sand can implement digesters if they remove as much of the sand as possible from the manure stream.

Our Sand Separation Systems are being used successfully for anaerobic digestion pre-treatment, and we’re excited to help this dairy with both its sustainability and sand recycling goals.”

This is the second major project for McLanahan and Dynamic Farm Solutions. With both companies focused on providing start-to-finish manure handling solutions, the partnership is a perfect fit.

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with Dynamic Farm Solutions,” said Swartz. “Their dedication to providing the best possible manure handling solutions falls right in line with our commitment to our customers.”

McLanahan Corporation is a sixth-generation, family-owned manufacturer of aggregate, mining and agricultural processing equipment since 1835. Focused on providing industry-leading solutions that help build and power our lives, McLanahan helps dairies of all sizes turn their manure challenges into sustainable opportunities. For more information, contact

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