McLanahan Rotary Drum Separators Simplify Manure Handling

McLanahan Rotary Drum Separators are a reliable and effective way to dewater dilute manure and capture manure fibers. They operate by pumping dilute manure into a rotating screening drum. Liquid and fine particles pass through the screen, while large materials are retained on the inside of the screen and conveyed out the end of the drum by internal flighting inside the drum.

Why choose Rotary Drum Separators for dewatering manure?

McLanahan Rotary Drum Separators recover the maximum amount of manure solids and improve water quality for use in sand separation, flush-flume supply and land application. They are used for regulatory compliance, nutrient management, ease of manure application, and producing make-up water for flume systems or sand separation systems. Featuring a rugged design and clean-in-place system, McLanahan Rotary Drums simplify manure handling on dairies all over the world.

Simplify manure handling

McLanahan’s Rotary Drum Separators remove up to 35% of the total solids in the manure effluent, depending on the totals solids in the manure stream and the screen opening sizes in the drum. When paired with McLanahan Roll Presses, Rotary Drum Separators can produce dry, stackable solids that are easy to handle and won’t fill up lagoons.

Modular, long-lasting design

The unique modular design of McLanahan Rotary Drum Separators can be tailored to meet the specific manure separation requirements of almost any dairy operation. They feature a customizable combination of screens, with opening sizes ranging from 0.040” (20 mesh) to 3/16”, or 1mm to 4mm, depending on the model.

McLanahan Rotary Drums are totally enclosed to provide safe and clean operation. The stainless steel construction ensures a long-lasting life. To avoid wear, all parts – like bearings, shafts and seals – are positioned out of the incoming manure. This enables Rotary Drums to withstand bypass sand and pumped debris.

Minimal power requirements

The power required to operate Rotary Drum Separators is minimal. The largest Rotary Drum, a 60" (1.5 m) diameter and 12' (3.7 m) long, only requires 3 horsepower, or 2.25 kilowatts, to process up to 1,100 gallons per minute (250 m3 per hour).

Reduced daily maintenance

“One of the things people like most about Rotary Drum Separators is the automated clean-in-place system,” shared Andrew Wedel, Director of International Business Development for Agriculture.

The McLanahan Rotary Drum Separator features an automated, high-pressure wash-in-place system to keep it clean and operating at peak performance. Unlike other types of separators, Rotary Drum Separators are automatically rinsed and do not require daily manual power washing.  

Unmatched experience

As the leading manufacturer of rotary equipment, McLanahan Rotary Drum Separators help dairies with their toughest manure management needs. They are specifically designed to provide safe, simple and reliable operation in the toughest environments, with long service life and minimal maintenance. McLanahan Rotary Drum Separators have been tested and proven to be an efficient and cost-effective machine for removing manure solids and improving process water quality.

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