Scavenger Systems Offer Cost-Effective Solution to Fines Recovery

McLanahan Scavenger Systems capture product-sized material from the waste stream and discharge it into the product pile. They help to ensure that each particle of material ends up where it can make the customer the most amount of money.

“Anyone who is currently washing or classifying really should take a look at their current process just to evaluate how efficient it is,” said Wes Edevane, McLanahan Regional Sales Manager. “If you notice that you have a large percentage of material overflowing to your pond, it would be beneficial to really start to look at modeling what a Scavenger System might do for you and how it would benefit you.”

A Scavenger System consists of a Sump, Pump and Separator™. It can be installed into any washing or classification process with a waste stream that discharges to a pond.

The Scavenger System provides two main benefits. First, it prevents ponds from filling up too quickly and needing to be cleaned more frequently. Second, it allows the recovered material to be turned into profit. Recovering just 5 tons per hour more material in a typical operating year can generate thousands of dollars in additional revenue.  

“At the end of the day, the customer benefits by seeing not only a reduction in fines going to their pond, but also the material that doesn’t make its way to waste ends up in their product pile, which then ultimately they can sell as a spec sand product or whatever product they’re trying to scavenge from,” said Edevane. 

Why McLanahan Scavenger Systems

Like all McLanahan equipment, McLanahan Scavenger Systems are backed by decades of process knowledge, field-proven results, and lifetime service and support.  

It starts with an on-site evaluation of the current classification process. A member of McLanahan’s process engineering team, sales team or dealer network will sample the overflow from the current classification equipment and send it back to McLanahan’s lab for testing.

“We make sure each piece of equipment that we sell, especially in a scavenger circuit, fits the customer’s needs,” Edevane said.

From this testing, McLanahan can provide a clear indication of how the Scavenger System will perform when placed into the process.

“They know when we put that material back into their product that it’s not going to throw them out of spec,” explained Edevane. “The advantage of working with McLanahan is our knowledge and the knowledge of our dealer network in each and every application. Our service and support really set us apart from the competition.” 

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