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How often does the barrel on the auger need to be replaced?

The frequency of barrel replacement can vary significantly depending on the application. Generally speaking, however, auger barrel replacement is usually a relatively infrequent occurrence and could range from one to two years with heavier use, or perhaps three to five years with more limited use. In practice, auger barrels are used until the base material begins to show signs of wearing through at any point on the barrel.

How often does the spiral inside the auger barrel need to be replaced?

The spiral, or flighting, requires periodic replacement. The frequency of replacement depends on usage and can range from roughly one year with heavy use to three years with lighter use. It is important to monitor the wear on auger flighting since worn flighting will not be as efficient at lifting material up through the auger and sample material, particularly fine material, can be lost.

Does the entire spiral need replaced if the cutting head is worn?

No. McLanahan sample augers are designed with independent cutting heads. This allows for better matching of cutting heads to specific applications over a variety of industries.  

Operational Best Practices

What are signs of wear?

Signs of wear include the cutting head becoming less effective at breaking into material piles and the flighting having difficulty pulling material up through the auger and into the sample hopper. Additionally, the auger barrel will eventually begin to wear, as well as the coupler between the auger torque hub and the flighting shaft that holds the flighting inside the auger barrel and transmits the torque required to operated the auger. This coupler is a highly stressed component and should be inspected frequently.

If excessive wear is observed in any of these components, replace the component in question.

How often should I inspect the hydraulic hoses and fittings?

Inspect the hydraulic hoses and fittings daily to ensure they remain in good condition. Sample augers are most commonly operated hydraulically. Augers typically operated in difficult environments, therefore the hydraulic hoses and fittings are often subject to wear and tear. Damaged or worn hydraulic hoses and fittings will leak or burst, and they should be replaced immediately as soon as potential damage or wear is observed.

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