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Cone Crusher Maintenance

How often should I change the lubrication oil?

For a new crusher, change the lubrication oil after 100 hours of operation. The second oil change should be completed after 300 hours. Thereafter, change the oil once every 500 hours. Change the lubrication oil immediately upon discovering extensive contamination and sludge.

What should I include as part of a daily inspection?

Once every shift, check the oil level in the oil tank, the oil temperature and the oil pressure. Inspect and clear any foreign material under the dust seal ring that may prevent it from freely moving with the head. Check the power draw on the motor. Check the adjustment cap screws and cap frame for tightness. Check for loose fasteners and connections. Finally, check for unusual noise and changes, which indicate wear or undue strain on crusher parts.

What should I include as part of a weekly inspection?

Every 40 hours, check the V-belts for tension wear or cracks. Check for oil leaks in the crusher, pipeline, cylinder and motor. Check the mantle and concave for tightness. Check the cone crusher discharge gap setting set value against the actual value. Check and clean the oil tank strainer. Check the counter shaft housing air breather. Grease the upper frame and the top cell threads via the lubrication hole on the upper frame. Finally, check the tightness of the tightening nut.

What do I do if the oil temperature is high?

Stop the crusher and allow it to cool down. After the crusher has cooled, you will need to further investigate the condition of high temperature before the crusher is operated again.

Operational Best Practices

How often should I inspect below the crusher?

Inspect the area below the crusher daily to ensure no bridging, plugging or foreign material is under the crusher.

How should I feed a cone crusher?

Uniform distribution of feed material around the cone crusher inlet is good practice, as it allows the production of a consistent product and consistent operation of the crusher. Choke feeding is important for cone crushers, as it maintains a good particle shape by facilitating an inter-particle crushing action; trickle feeding is not a sensible option, as it increase the proportion of flaky material in the crusher product.

Do I need to pre-screen the material before it enters the cone crusher?

it is advisable to maintain approximately 10-15% of material finer than the closed side setting in the feed to assist crushing action. Pre-screening to remove 6-10mm aggregate from the feed should be avoided, as void space in the chamber results in an increased proportion of flaky material in the product.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain Cone Crusher replacement parts at your facility. These parts will be available in the event of a breakdown and will also be available to perform any repairs that must be made as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance checks.

Part Number


Concave [18 Mn] 1
Dust Seal Ring 1
Top Cell Liner1

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