CMB Cone Crushers

McLanahan CMB Cone Crushers are specifically designed with attrition crushing applications in mind. Able to accept a graded feed with no prescreening required, McLanahan CMB Cone Crushers produce cubical products at high capacities by crushing feed material between a moving piece of steel and a stationary piece of steel.


How CMB Cones Crushers Work

CMB Cone Crushers feature a lower mainframe housing the main shaft, an upper frame supporting a concave bowl assembly and a tapered wedge assembly machined to correspond with the inner tapered surface of the main frame. A drive turns the horizontal countershaft, and a pinion gear on the countershaft rotates the eccentric gear on the main shaft. This causes the wedge assembly to wobble.

Material is choke fed into the top of the bowl assembly to maintain a full crushing chamber. The material is crushed between the wobbling wedge assembly and the concave bowl. Sized material discharges out the bottom of the crusher.

The closed side setting, which determines product size, can be adjusted quickly, easily and while the crusher is in operation. In the event tramp material enters the crushing chamber, a big vertical lift raises the upper frame to allow large uncrushable objects to pass freely.

Why McLanahan CMB Cone Crushers

McLanahan CMB Cone Crushers are modern cast steel, all roller bearing and feature hydraulic adjustment, which enables the operator to rapidly change the discharge setting if required during crusher operation. These machines feature hydraulics that also incorporate a tramp metal release, automatic reset and an unblocking feature, which will clear the crushing chamber in a matter of minutes.

Re-metalling is carried out with the crushing head in situ. The short shaft configuration, which requires no top bearing, enables all major components to be removed from above, and demands minimal head room for installation and maintenance.

The proven all-roller-bearing design provides for lower power consumption, long life, easy spares availability and the need for a more compact lubrication system.

The controls of the CMB Cone Crushers comprise a contactless in-cylinder transducer and an operating console that can be positioned close to the crusher. Quick release, self-sealing couplings are used to connect the twin hydraulic hoses that run between the crusher and console. The console houses the fluid tank, motorized hydraulic pump, valves, PLC instrumentation and push button controls. Remote control operation is available so the crusher can be operated from a control room any reasonable distance away. 

UltraCRUSH Modular Crushing

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Mounted on a modular chassis, the UltraCRUSH is quick to set up and easily moveable from site to site. The UltraCRUSH system features a CMB Cone Crusher, which includes a hydraulic adjustment system that enables producers to rapidly change the discharge setting with little interruption to production. Arriving on site in an almost fully assembled state, the UltraCRUSH system can be up and running in a short amount of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About CMB Cone Crushers

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The McLanahan CMB Cone Crusher was specifically designed for attrition crushing, whereas conventional Cone Crushers cannot successfully be used for this type of crushing. CMB Cones feature a specially curved crushing liners to allow for unscreened feed and to produce a cubical shaped product.

For best operating performance, CMB Cone Crushers must be choke fed. Choke feeding ensures the crushing chamber is always full, with material on top of it so the crushing chamber stays full. Crushers that are choke fed produce a more cubical product at higher throughput. 

Three sizes of CMB Cone Crusher are available: RS150, RS185 and RS225. The smallest is the RS150. It can handle a maximum feed size of 150 mm and handle up to 140 tph at the largest closed side setting. The RS185 can handle a maximum feed size of 180 mm and handle up to 240 tph at the largest closed side setting. The largest of the three CMB Cone Crushers available, the RS225, can handle a maximum feed size of 280 mm and handle up to 330 tph at the largest closed side setting. The larger two sizes feature a one-piece upper frame and automatic hydraulically tensioned wedge. The RS150 features a two-piece upper frame that bolts to the support bowl. 

McLanahan CMB Cone Crushers are ideal for attrition crushing applications.

Features & Benefits
  • High output of good product shape
  • Fully automated
  • Fast and easy adjustment
  • Low maintenance
  • Large unobstructed feed opening
  • Hydraulic control
  • Accepts unscreened feed
  • Compact lubrication system
  • Choice of concave chamber options: extra-coarse, medium-coarse or fine
  • Large diameter alloy steel main shaft for extra strength

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