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Download the Agricultural Hydrocyclones Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Hydrocyclone Troubleshooting Guide offers the probable reasons for situations such as the siphon vacuum bleed valve is open too far, the overflow boot is damaged or missing, the overflow siphon pipe is too short and more, as well as the actions you can take to correct these situations.

Hydrocyclone Maintenance

At what pressure should we operate?

The majority of our hydrocyclone systems operate somewhere between 8-12 psi.

What part wears the most?

The underflow regulator will be the highest wear item. This is the rubber piece located on the bottom of the cone where the sand drops out.

What is the blue hose and ball valve for

It is to control the siphon in the hydrocyclone/dryness of the sand. To increase the siphoning effect, close the valve. To make the product wetter, partially open the valve.

Can I modify the overflow pipe?

Yes, you can extend the horizontal section but you must keep the original vertical length. It is important to keep six feet of vertical distance from the bottom of the overflow pipe to the bottom of the underflow regulator.

Operational Best Practices

How can I ensure proper operating pressure and good product?

Maintain a consistent flow.

How can I keep the dried material from crusting around the discharge of the underflow regulator?

Roll the edges of the underflow regulator back and forth in your hands to remove any buildup.

What should I inspect on the body of the Hydrocyclone?

Check the wear on the Hydrocyclone body and replace or reline it before holes begin to wear through the metal shell.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLANAHAN CORPORATION recommends that you keep certain replacement parts at your facility for your Hydrocyclone.

Part Name


Clamp, Underflow Regulator1
Underflow Regulator1

How-To Videos

How To Change An Underflow Regulator In A Separator™

Underflow regulators are the highest-wear item on Separators™. Watch this video to learn how to change the underflow regulator. For step-by-step written instructions, click here.

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