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Download the Roll Crushers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Roll Crusher Troubleshooting Guide can help you solve such situations as the machine fails to start, the electric motor is operating, but the roll(s) not rotating and more.

Roll Crusher Maintenance

How often do the components/bearings need lubricating?

The roll shaft roller bearings, torsion shaft and toggle mechanism should be lubricated by hand every eight hours according to the Lubricant Quantities Chart in the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. For all other components, refer to the manual.

Note: Certain components (motor, reducer, coupling, hydraulics, etc.) may have additional lubrication information presented throughout this manual. Refer to each component’s section for more detailed information regarding lubrication. In the event of conflicting information, always use the guidelines providing the highest degree of protection/safety. 

Why am I getting oversized product?

Most likely the teeth have worn, allowing oversized product to pass. Making a product size adjustment should eliminate this issue.

How do I set the V-belt tension?

With the drive stopped, measure the span length (T) as shown in the Belt Tensioning drawing below. Using this measurement, calculate the deflection height (H) as 1/64 of the span length. For example, a 32” span length would require a deflection of 32/64” or ½”.

Refer to the appropriate table in the manual to determine the minimum, maximum and initial recommended deflection force (lbs). Adjust the drive tension until the recommended deflection force produces the calculated deflection height.

Note: When new V-belts are installed on a drive, always check the tension frequently and readjust as necessary during the first 24 hours of operation.

Operational Best Practices

How should I feed the crusher?

It is recommended that the feed to the crusher is perpendicular to the rolls to ensure even wear across the width of the rolls.

What is the recommended ratio of reduction?

The recommended ratio of reduction is 4:1. Make sure that the maximum feed size does not exceed four times the desired product size.

How do I handle wet, sticky feeds?

When wet, sticky feed is expected, the crusher should be provided with a differential in roll speeds, which will provide a self-cleaning action. Also, intermeshing combs can be provided to help eliminate buildup from between
the roll teeth.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain Roll Crusher replacement parts at your facility.

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