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Rotary Trommel Maintenance

How do I check the alignment of the drum?

This is a critical and in-depth procedure. More information can be found in the Rotary Equipment Alignment of the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

How do I replace the cylinder and trunnion tires?

Please refer to the procedure in the Maintenance section of the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

How are the screen panels replaced?

  1. Lock out electrical power at the source, and block between all trunnion rollers and their corresponding cylinder tires to prevent the cylinder from rotating. 
  2. Remove the refuse chute if necessary to provide adequate clearance to slide the screen plates out the discharge end of the cylinder. 
  3. Loosen the bolts and remove the screen plate(s) in the lower portion of the cylinder. 
  4. Install the new screen plates using new bolts, lock washers, and grip nuts. Tighten all bolts securely. 
  5. Verify that all personnel are clear of the cylinder. Remove the blocks from between the trunnion rollers and cylinder tires and turn the cylinder by hand (or with the optional inching drive) until the next screen plate or series of screen plates is in the lower position. 
  6. Replace the blocks between the trunnion rollers and cylinder tires, and repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 until all the worn screen plates have been replaced. 
  7. Before re-applying power, verify that the machine is free of any obstructions. Clear all personnel from the machine and rotate the cylinder by hand to insure that it turns freely.

How do I know if the drum is misaligned?

If your drum is misaligned, you will notice uneven wear on the cylinder tire and trunnion rollers, or you will notice the drum will be riding against the thrust roller assemblies; it should float between the two. 

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