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Download the Wobbler Feeders Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Wobbler Feeder Troubleshooting Guide offers corrective actions for situations such as broken chains, reduced scalping of fines, broken bars and more.

Wobbler Feeder Maintenance

How often should I inspect the chain?

Check the chain every four month for wear and stretch.

How often should I inspect the wobbler bar?

Check the bar for wear every six months.

How often should I replace the wobbler bar sockets?

Replace the sprockets with every third chain replacement.

When should I replace the wobbler wiper at the feed end?

Replace the wobbler wiper when it is out of adjustment range.

Operational Best Practices

What oil maintenance schedule should I follow?

  • Check the oil temperature, oil level and lines daily.
  • Change the oil filter monthly.
  • Change the oil yearly. Clean the chain case and tank when changing the oil.

When should I replace the hold down bars?

Check the hold down bars every four months for wear and proper gap. Replace the hold down bars when they become out of take-up adjustment.

How often should I inspect the wobbler side liners?

Check the wobbler side liners for wear every six months.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain replacement parts at your facility for your Wobbler Feeder.

Part Name


Bar Bearing4
Bar Sprocket - Head1
Wobbler Bar - Driven1
Wobbler Bar - Head1

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