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Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers

Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers help underground mine operations by reducing the size of the raw feed from the mining face to a beltable product. They also meter the flow of material by properly loading the belt conveyor at a controlled rate.


Crawler Mounted Feeder-Breakers can accept large feed lumps of friable minerals and produce a 6" to 8" (150mm to 200mm) one-dimensional product at rates up to 1200 tph (1080 mtph). A typical machine can hold up to two loads from a shuttle car and process each load in 80-90 seconds.

These mobile units are capable of advancing with the belt line and mining face in both low and high vein seams to minimize shuttle car travel and cycle times. They are particularly useful in the underground mining of coal, trona, salt and gypsum.

How Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers work

The Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breaker utilizes engineering-class roller chain and solid steel flights between a sprocketed head and tail shaft to drag material along a steel deck. The head shaft is driven hydraulically or mechanically with a shaft-mounted hydraulic motor or shaft-mounted, rightangle reducer with torque control coupling. The breaker roll is driven mechanically with a shaft-mounted, right angle reducer with torque control coupling. Heavy-duty crawler tracks provide mobility over rough, uneven mine floors.

Developed to meet safety requirements of underground mining, the Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breaker is a Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved design. Operation of the Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breaker drag conveyor and breaker roll interlock with the downstream belt conveyor. Through the programmable logic controller, these functions are timed to shut down at designated intervals when the belt conveyor stops or when material is not present. A water spray system suppresses dust around the breaking area and an on-board dry chemical fire suppression system is a standard feature. An umbilical cord remote tram is provided to allow an operator to tram the machine from a safe distance.

Why McLanahan Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers

McLanahan was the first Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breaker manufacturer to incorporate torque limiting couplings in direct, alignment-free drives on both the conveyor and breaker systems, eliminating shear pins and chain drives. Touchscreen controls and diagnostics are included to enhance and simplify operation These are easy to use and give valuable feedback if a fault is encountered. The program also includes an electronic manual with drawings and schematics for easy viewing and reference. McLanahan crawler systems are among the most powerful in the industry, allowing tramming over uneven terrain and towing the belt tailpiece during belt advances. Maintenance is made simple with easy access to replaceable components and shaft assemblies that can be removed in one piece.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers

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The cost of a Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breaker ranges depending on the model and features selected. Contact us with your application details for pricing information.

Optional features you can consider for Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers include a hydraulic conveyor drive, additional towing power, CCO decking and touch screen diagnostics.

Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers are usually required to produce beltable one-dimensional product between 6" and 8" (150mm and 200 mm).

McLanahan Crawler-Mounted Feeder-Breakers reduce large feed lumps into a beltable product.

Features & Benefits
  • Conveyor starts are available in push-button pendant or photo cell
  • Emergency stops are included on both sides of machine and via pull cord across hopper
  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel side frames are gusseted and connected by steel plate cross-members
  • All lubrication points are located at a common bank for easy access
  • Decks are reinforced in the crushing zone and lined with replaceable AR steel plates
  • Shaft-mounted, high torque breaker and conveyor drives
  • Large diameter drive sprockets and heavy-duty tracks
  • Engineering-class roller chain and solid alloy steel flight bars on the conveyor
  • Under-speed control on breaker and conveyor
  • Touch screen automation
  • Water spray dust suppression
  • Dry chemical fire suppression

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