Drag Feeders & Reclaim Feeders

Drag Feeders are well-suited for surface mining operates that need to move free-flowing materials such as coal, lignite, trona, salt, petroleum coke, bauxite, copper and gypsum, while Reclaim Feeders use the same style of feeding to move stockpiled materials. Typically tied into the operation of a downstream conveyor, Drag Feeders and Reclaim Feeders do not require an operate, making them a safe and simple part of the material handling process.

Drag Reclaim Feeder
Reclaim Feeder
Reclaim Feeder

Popular Applications for Drag Feeders & Reclaim Feeders

Benefits of McLanahan Drag Feeders and Reclaim Feeders

  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel side frames are gusseted for rigidity and connected by steel plate cross-members
  • Decks and chain runs are lined with replaceable abrasion-resistant steel plate
  • Enclosed return deck to contain leakage
  • All drives are directly mounted to the head shaft, eliminating chains and shear pins
  • Mechanical or hydraulic drives available
  • Available in fixed or variable speed conveyor
  • Available in single or dual drag design
  • Engineering-class roller chain and solid alloy steel flight bars sized for the application
  • Hydraulic chain tensioning
  • Dry chemical fire suppression available
  • Manual zoned lubrication standard, with automatic lubrication available
  • Head and tail shaft assemblies removable as units for easy maintenance
  • Underspeed control on conveyor
  • Lubrication banked to common zone for ease of access