Sample Preparation Equipment

McLanahan Sample Preparation Equipment is thoughtfully designed to facilitate the efficient and precise processing of sample material in a laboratory setting.


McLanahan produces multiple equipment options for offline particle size reduction, including the self-contained LabMill Crushing Station and sample division equipment for varying capacities. These units can be installed in sampling system buildings to process material after it is collected by a mechanical sampling system before it is sent to a lab for final testing, or at the lab itself. 

Types of Sample Preparation Equipment

LabMill Crusher

The McLanahan LabMill Crusher is designed with the safety, ergonomics and productivity of the laboratory technician in mind. The LabMill Crusher features a split housing for easy access to the inside of the machine for cleaning and maintenance. Other key features include safety interlock switches to prevent operation of the machine while open, oversized heavy-duty enclosures, and an assortment of crushing screens to allow maximum flexibility in selecting crushed product size. A foot-operated sample tray with lock allows for easy removal of the sample container, while the rate at which material fed into the LabMill Crushing Station is metered via a hand lever from the specially designed flow control feed hopper. McLanahan LabMill Crushing Station controls can also be customized to suit the needs of your particular laboratory.

Rotary Divider

McLanahan Rotary Sample Dividers provide safe, efficient long-term ease of operation for sample reduction activities. A variable rate feeder and variable rate turntable offer maximum flexibility to ensure the samples are correctly reduced. These dividers are fully enclosed for safety and are easily maneuverable via swivel casters. A variety of sample catch pans are available to suit the needs of any laboratory. 

Why McLanahan Sample Preparation Equipment

McLanahan has extensive experience in sampling equipment and numerous other types of related material handling and processing equipment. Given this, it is a natural extension to produce other, more laboratory oriented offerings that can be used to process the representative samples that are collected by the McLanahan mechanical sampling equipment.

Sample Preparation Equipment is oriented toward smaller scale particle size reduction and sample division activities that are commonly associated with laboratory activities.

Features & Benefits
  • Manual feed lever for controlled crusher feed
  • Interlocked split enclosure with safety sensor for shut down
  • Speed control to fine-tune material size
  • Drilled and tapped replaceable liners
  • Swing or fixed hammers
  • Removable hammer rods
  • Easily interchangeable crushing screen plates
  • Hopper with variable speed discharge conveyor
  • Variable speed turntable
  • Easily interchangeable collection pans
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy relocation
  • Option for full enclosure with hinged access points

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