Slow Speed Shredders

McLanahan’s wide selection of Shredders powered by Forrec gives the company the ability to meet the diverse demands and needs of its customers. A wide range of single, double and quad shaft shredders allows McLanahan to provide the perfect solution for any processing need, such as volume reduction, material sizing, granulating, or opening bags. Shredders are ideal for various applications, including but not limited to municipal solid waste (MSW), construction and demolition, e-scrap, wires, bulky waste, green waste, wood, tires, etc. McLanahan Shredders are designed with customers in mind.McLanahan is known for its heavy-duty equipment and their shredders are no different. Shredders are built to last with high grade steel, a thick frame and minimal weld points.
Additionally, special grade steel is used in high wear or impact areas.

Bearings are designed on the outside of the cutting chamber. This protects the bearings from projected material and reduces maintenance and wear on the bearings. The design also is modular for ease of maintenance. Automated greasing, along with fully automated programs allows for a self-sufficient machine, reducing labor costs.

McLanahan Shredders are built for easy maintenance, and the modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly. This modular design also allows for easy changes to the comb or basket in certain shredder lines.

Features / Benefits

Equipment Models

McLanahan’s Shredder lines feature single, double, and quad shaft shredders along with granulators, and hammermills.

FR Series:

Twin shaft shredder line designed to be a primary shredder for MSW, bulky waste, industrial waste, and for all kinds of materials.

XK Series:

Single shaft shredder/grinder line designed for large productivity in the treatment of MSW, plastics, wood, rubber, paper, cardboard and for many other types of materials.

TQ Series:

Quad shaft shredder line designed to have the reliability and power of a twin shaft shredder with the capability of controlling the output material size.

TB and TBS Series:

Twin shaft shredder lines adapted to treatments that require volume reduction and grinding with partial output size control.

MR Series:

Single shaft shredder designed specifically for processing tires and material with high specific weights.

SR and EK Series:

Single shaft shredder/grinder lines designed for low volumes of materials and that are capable of producing a uniform sized output of material.

LS Series:

Twin shaft shredder line, also known as the bag breaker line, designed to prepare material by tearing open bags without volume reduction.

LC Series:

Twin shaft shredder line designed for product preparation. Mainly used for WEEE or for opening bales of materials.

FX Series:

Twin shaft shredder/shearing line designed specifically processing scrap metals.

Z Series:

Hammermill line great for size reduction of a variety of materials.


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