UltraDRY Modular Dewatering Screens

The McLanahan UltraDRY is a configurable Dewatering Screen that can be added to any new or existing system to improve final product dryness.


The compact, modular, bolt-on design is quick to set up and easy to move from one site to another when needs change. The McLanahan UltraDRY offers increased sand retention and better drying time for a consistently dry, drip-free product that other types of equipment cannot provide. The McLanahan UltraDRY can be configured to fit new and existing systems in a wide range of applications, including dewatering, desliming, rinsing, washing and sizing construction aggregates, minerals and C&D recycling waste.

How an UltraDRY Modular Dewatering Screen Works

The McLanahan UltraDRY consists of a Dewatering Screen on a skid-mounted sump. It can be installed flat to accept concentrated feeds, such as those from a Fine Material Screw Washer, or it can be installed on an incline to accept more dilute feeds, such as those from a Hydrocyclone. The UltraDRY features a removable spacer block under the mounting foot near the discharge end to make the adjustment from horizontal to inclined.

Material is fed onto the rear of the dewatering screen. Two counter-rotating vibratory motors create the linear motion required to throw the material upward and forward at high G-forces along the screen, creating a deep bed of material on the screen. As it does so, the liquid detaches from the material and passes through the screen media into the sump beneath the screen. Particles much finer than the screen openings are retained in the material bed.

When necessary, optional spray bars spanning the width of the screen provide a double wash. The spray bars create a cleaner product by washing fines out of the material.

An optional slurry pump can be connected to the sump to provide ideal water placement to the feed box of the screw (not the top of screw like competing equipment). This helps to recover fine material back to the product instead of to the waste stream. The slurry pump can also provide washback water to limit the system’s water usage and create a cleaner product. Alternately, the slurry pump can be used to send fines to downstream processing equipment to produce a secondary product.

Why McLanahan UltraDRY Modular Dewatering Screens

McLanahan’s UltraDRY Dewatering Screen is a field-proven design based on decades of process knowledge and experience. McLanahan customers have achieved as low as 7% moisture content when adding a McLanahan Dewatering Screen after their screw washer. This drier product is easier to convey, creates steeper stacking angles and can be sold the next day.

Offering the highest G-force available on the market, McLanahan UltraDRY Dewatering Screens are built to handle the largest loads and process more product. High G-forces also allow for the formation of a deeper bed of material, allowing for the retention of materials much finer than the screen media openings. The UltraDRY’s heavy-duty urethane screen media holds up to the deeper bed depth and higher G-forces. The orientation of the drive motors eliminates the need for a variable frequency device or brake to stop the side motion of the screen.

The UltraDRY’s low-profile design fits closer to the screw but also allows a stacking conveyor to be installed directly underneath the discharge end. A divided deck design allows for the creation of two separate products on the same screen.

Frequently Asked Questions About UltraDRY Modular Dewatering Screens

Ask An Expert

The McLanahan UltraDRY Modular Dewatering Screen is a standalone add-on to any new or existing system. It features a Dewatering Screen on a skid-mounted sump that can be quickly installed under a Screw Washer or Hydrocyclone. McLanahan also manufactures Fine Material Screw Washers that can be quoted separately with the UltraDRY system.

Final product moisture depends on each application’s specific material, but some sites have experienced as low as 7% moisture using the McLanahan UltraDRY Dewatering Screen. In any application, the UltraDRY will greatly improve final product dryness for next-day sale. Contact us to discuss your application specifics.

The UltraDRY Dewatering Screen should be installed in a horizontal orientation to accept a partially dried product from a Screw Washer. When accepting more dilute feed from a cyclone, the UltraDRY should be installed at an incline to allow a pool of water to form in the back of the screen to promote rapid drainage.

The McLanahan UltraDRY can be configured to fit new and existing systems in a wide range of applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Compact, modular, bolt-on design can be easily added to fit a new or existing system.
  • Moisture reduction allows for easier belt cleaning and decreased conveyor maintenance costs.
  • Available in different sizes depending on the required capacities.
  • Can be run horizontally to accept concentrated feeds from a Screw Washer or inclined to accept more dilute feeds from a Hydrocyclone.
  • Optional pump provides washback water to the screw in an ideal location for producing a cleaner product while limiting water discharge.
  • Optional spray bars provide double wash for further fines removal (multiple positions available).
  • Highest G-force available on the market makes the UltraDRY able to handle the largest loads.
  • Eliminates need for stockpiling – drip-free product can be sold immediately upon discharge from the UltraDRY.
  • Multiple size options depending on the required capacities.

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