How To Replace an Impeller in a Pump

How To


Before performing maintenance on a pump, be sure to read and follow the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. Follow the appropriate lockout/tagout/blockout procedures, and read and follow all safety tags.

Failure to do so could result in injury or death. 

You Will Need:

  • Corresponding wrench and socket set
  • J wrench
  • Assembly aid arm or lifting device
  • Anti-seize
  • O-ring
  • New impeller


Step 1:

To replace an impeller in a pump, first switch off the power to the pump, and lock the switch in the off position to ensure no power can get to the machine while replacing the impeller. 

Step 2.

Remove the drain plug from the suction side of the pump. Then, disconnect the discharge hose from the top of the pump, and disconnect the suction hose from the front of the pump. 

Step 3.

Remove the shaft guard. 

Step 4.

Attach an assembly aid arm or lifting device to the eyebolt located at the top of the suction-side casing. 

Step 5.

Remove the nuts from the suction-side casing. 

Step 6.

Lift the casing away from the pump using the assembly aid arm or lifting device. The liner should come out with the casing. Inspect the liner for wear or damage. 

Step 7.

Hold the shaft in place with a J wrench or a crescent wrench placed around the flat area between the gland and the flinger. 

Step 8.

Unscrew the impeller from the shaft. 

Step 9.

Remove the O-ring from the shaft, and insert a new O-ring. 

Step 10.

Apply anti-seize to the impeller threads. 

Step 11.

Reverse the position of the J wrench or crescent wrench on the shaft. 

Step 12.

Screw the new impeller onto the shaft, ensuring there is an eighth of an inch clearance between the impeller and the suction-side casing. 

Step 13.

Remove the J wrench or crescent wrench from the shaft. 

Step 14.

Use the assembly aid arm or lifting device to lift the suction-side casing back into place. 

Step 15.

Secure the casing with bolts, torqueing to recommended specifications. 

Step 16.

Remove the assembly aid arm or lifting device from the eyebolt.

Step 17.

Replace the shaft guard. 

Step 18.

Reconnect the suction and discharge hoses, reinsert the drain plug and restore power to the pump.

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