Modular vs. Custom: Making the right purchase


Are you a producer weighing out the options between a stationary and a modular plant? In this webinar, we dissect the advantages of both stationary and modular sand washing plants. We discuss the advantages of mobility and size, set up, customization and outputs of both types of wash plants. We also cover which common applications are most suitable for Modular Sand Plants and which applications are most suitable for Stationary Sand Plants. Processing requirements can vary from site to site because raw materials may have differing properties that need differing solutions. Capacities required also impact the pros and cons of using Stationary versus Modular Sand Plants. You’ll come away from this webinar with a good understanding of the pros and cons of Modular and Stationary Sand Washing Plant so you’ll be armed with the right questions when deciding on your next investment into a modular or stationary sand washing plant.

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