Stall Groomers

Freestall bedding maintenance is crucial to keeping cows clean, healthy and comfortable. As cows move around in deep-bedded sand freestalls, they tend to pack the sand down. Over time, the sand can be packed into a dense, nearly impermeable layer. When this happens, moisture can no longer wick away from the cow and the stalls become wet and dirty. 

The answer to this problem is the McLanahan Stall Groomer. It can be quickly and easily attached to a skid-steer to rake and aerate the stalls. A simple bolt-on shank design allows for tillage depth adjustment and the easy replacement of shanks. This simple but rugged design allows producers to maintain the rear of the stall, which is critical for cow comfort.

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Stall Groomer
Stall Groomer
Stall Groomer
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Why McLanahan Stall Groomers

McLanahan has a complete line of sand and manure processing equipment as well as stall maintenance solutions to help the dairy producer become more profitable by keeping cows clean and comfortable. The Stall Groomer is a perfect complement to the existing equipment line. It has a hydraulically folding rake section, which allows the operator to fit into tight places. When the rake’s tilling arm is extended down, the curb saver wheel rides the curb and keeps the rake positioned without the danger of curbing the wheels with the tires. The tines are available in abrasion-resistant plate and are easily replaced by removing the connecting bolts. The quick-attach plate makes connecting the Stall Groomer quick and easy. An optional rake extender is available to extend the rake’s reach under higher stalls.

How Stall Groomers Work

The rake is attached using a standard quick-attach plate system. Once the rake is connected to the skid-steer, two hydraulic hoses are attached to allow the arm to rotate up and down. Raking the stalls is simple. First, the arm is rotated down until it is fully extended into the stalls and the teeth are engaged. If equipped with a wheel, it should be against the curb. As the operator moves forward, the tines till and aerate the sand.

Popular Applications for Stall Groomers

This rake is designed for tilling and aerating deep-bedded freestalls.

Benefits of McLanahan Stall Groomers

  • Keeps sand loose and comfortable
  • Allows for better drainage, for drier sand and drier cows
  • Simple and rugged
  • Adjustable and replaceable tines
  • Curb-saver wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

Rakes with the curb-saver wheel are usually in stock at one of our dealers or warehouses. If not, they can be produced and shipped out relatively quickly.

What other technologies should I consider?

The simplest and most widely used method of stall grooming involves a hand rake. This is an effective means of cleaning manure from the stalls and leveling them, but it does little for breaking up the hard layer that forms several inches down. McLanahan Stall Groomers feature bolt-on replaceable tines, angled tines and a curb-saver wheel. Skid-mounted rakes that rotate are more complex but work nicely for leveling the stall beds.

Can I use this stall goomer with my style of freestall loops? 

Click here for a general arrangement drawing that shows the overall dimensions of the rake.