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Download the Stall Groomers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Stall Groomer Troubleshooting Guide can help you find solutions to situations such as the arm will not extend down, the arm extends too slow or too fast, the arm does not extend far enough into stall and sand is not being tilled.

Stall Groomer Maintenance

When do I replace the plow tines? 

The plow tines need replaced when they can no longer till the sand effectively. 

When do I replace the curb saver wheel? 

The solid rubber or urethane wheel will last for a considerably long time. It will need replaced if the internal bearing is worn and can’t be replaced or if the outer diameter has worn down to a degree that doesn’t allow the groomer to ride away from the curb.

Operational Best Practices

What inspections should I perform on the Stall Groomer?

Make sure the hydraulic connections are secure.

Can I keep the arm fully extended at all times?

Extend the arm down only when it is within the freestalls.

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Stall Groomers

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