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Equipment Updates Make Stall Maintenance Simpler

Hollidaysburg, Pa., May 14, 2015 — Dairy farmers are always striving to ensure their cows are healthy, comfortable and happy. Two McLanahan products, the Stall Filler and Stall Groomer, have recently been updated based on customer feedback and experience to ensure that stalls are always soft, dry and full of sand, helping producers accomplish their cow comfort goals.

Stall Fillers
McLanahan Stall Fillers are available in both truck and trailer-mounted units, and recent upgrades have made their operation safer, simpler and smarter. Updates include:

  • Tires and rims are now a standard over-the-road trailer tire/rim.
  • Discharge assembly drive and idler wheels upgraded to a wear-resistant cast urethane material.
  • Idler wheels pressed onto a shaft that mounts on shielded, outboard bearings.
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage rollers added to support the hopper belt.

Additionally, McLanahan now offers a 14 yard capacity truck-mounted unit, which is available along with the standard 10 yard truck and trailer-mounted units. Customers are encouraged to contact McLanahan for upgrade packages and parts.

Stall Groomers

McLanahan customers asked for a skid steer attachment to help aerate and “till” the back of the stall, helping keep stalls soft and dry, and the company is delivering.

The redesigned Stall Groomer includes a large guide wheel to allow the operator to run the groomer against the curb, maximizing the reach into stall beds and minimizing potential damage to stalls and loops. Replaceable tines are angled to maximize its tilling/aerating affect (up to 6″ of depth). The groomer is designed for 24″ reach into the stalls, and a bolt on extension is available for a 30″ reach.

McLanahan Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that manufactures safer, simpler and smarter equipment to help producers do more than ever in today’s tough marketplace. From sand to nutrients, McLanahan custom engineers complete manure solutions to help your dairy be more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Headquartered in Hollidaysburg, Pa., USA, McLanahan Corporation has five additional U.S. locations, as well as offices in Asia, Australia and Europe. For more information, please visit or contact

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