McLanahan Inclined Manure Augers Specifically Designed to Convey Sand-Laden Manure

When it comes to choosing between an auger and a pump for feeding a Sand-Manure Separator, the right solution depends on the needs and design of the dairy. 

Inclined Manure Augers

McLanahan Inclined Manure Augers are specifically designed to convey sand-laden manure to Sand-Manure Separators. Each component has been specially designed for easy maintenance and long wear life.

Consisting of a rotating screw shaft bolted to a robust, submersible lower bearing at the lower end and a drive system at the upper end, Inclined Manure Augers are installed into reception pits. They convey manure out of the pit and into the Sand-Manure Separator via abrasion-resistant flights welded directly to the screw shaft.  

Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps, such as piston pumps and diaphragm pumps, are used to move viscous liquids or liquids containing solid particles, such as sand-laden manure. A large ram or diaphragm pulls sand-laden manure from a reception pit into the cavity of the pump and pushes it out into the discharge. Flappers or check valves located within the pump keep the material moving in one direction as it flows through.

Inclined Manure Auger vs. Positive Displacement Pump

Feeding a Sand-Manure Separator with an Inclined Manure Auger or a positive displacement pump largely depends on the dairy itself. Each system has its own set of design challenges, so whether an auger or pump depends on the circumstance. For example, pumps can be used where layouts are restricted; Inclined Manure Augers require more space than a pump.

Pumps do not handle large debris in the manure as well as Inclined Manure Augers. The flappers or check valves inside the pump have a tendency to bind up due to the fibers and debris that are commonly found in manure. Inclined Manure Augers, on the other hand, convey any large debris that makes its way into the auger through the system.

Another difference is the rate of the manure flow into the Sand-Manure Separator. Inclined Manure Augers provide a steady flow to the Sand-Manure Separator, and they can be easily fine-tuned to adjust the flow. Pumps can also be fine-tuned with a hydraulic valve adapter or variable frequency drive on the pump's hydraulic motor to deliver sand-laden manure to the Sand-Manure Separator, but they do not provide a steady flow. However, even though the flow with a pump is not as steady as it is with an Inclined Manure Auger, the overall average amount of material moved by each is the same.

Taking into consideration each individual dairy’s needs and requirements, McLanahan can design Sand-Manure Separation Systems for any layout, manure management system and herd size. 

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