McLanahan UltraDRY To Improve Any Site's Efficiency

Hollidaysburg, Pa., March 10, 2020 — For years, McLanahan has been producing skid-mounted equipment that is easy to move, convert and set up. This next generation of these comes in the form of the Ultra line, which focuses on a set of standardized units that can be containerized for shipping and supplied quickly. They have also been engineered with all McLanahan field-proven equipment that you would see in a custom plant.  

The UltraDRY is a modular, skid-mounted McLanahan Dewatering Screen that can be added to a new or existing system to create a drier, ready-to-sell product. Customers have achieved a moisture content as low 7% by adding a McLanahan Dewatering Screen to the end of their Screw Washer. This creates a drier product that is easier to sell and allows better site stockpile management with a shorter inventory cycle, making your site more efficient. 

McLanahan Dewatering Screens that are part of the UltraDRY system have the highest G-force on the market, creating a deeper bed depth, a drier product and more product processed. Heavy-duty urethane holds up to the deeper bed depths and higher G-forces. Drive motors on the UltraDRY are oriented to ensure that screens do not need a brake or a VFD to stop the side motion of the screen. Additionally, it can come equipped with a divided deck design so that two separate products can be made on the same screen. 

A Slurry Pump can be added on when pairing the UltraDRY with a screw washer to divert the screen’s underflow water back to the screw’s feed box. This location is ideal for water placement, as it keeps product-sized fines in the product piles, limits the system’s water usage and allows material at the top of the screw to stay cleaner and drier. Also available is an optional spray bar, allowing you to scrub away any remaining debris and put the final touches on your product. 

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