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Download the Sand-Manure Separators Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Sand Manure Separator Troubleshooting Guide offers solutions for situations such as the screw shafts are not rotating, the machine fails to start, the bearings are hot to the touch and more.

Sand-Manure Separator Maintenance

How do I adjust the side weir?

Increase/decrease the height of the weir by adding/removing the supplied green weir bars. Roughly 80% of the washbox water should overflow the side weir. The remaining 20% will overflow off the back weir.

How do I keep material from building up on the non-carrying side of the screw shaft?

There is a fitting located near the top of the non-carrying side. A small amount of fresh or recycled water can be added here to keep sand from building up. This will allow for maximum dewatering.

Where do I add grease in the lower bearing assembly?

There are two grease fittings in the lower bearing assembly. The one in the end of the bearing assembly is used to provide grease to the bearing itself. If this is overgreased, the excess grease will purge out the weep hole in the bottom of the lower bearing assembly. Another grease fitting is located on the lower right-hand side of the bearing assembly. Grease should be added here to fill the automatic lubrication cup located on top of the lower bearing assembly. If this fitting is overgreased, it can potentially over pressurize the seal cavity and cause damage to the seals. Add grease to this bottom fitting until the grease cup is about 75% full.

Why does the grease cup on the lower bearing assembly keep emptying out?

The grease cup supplies a constant, low-pressure supply of grease to the seal cavity area. If the grease cup empties out within a few days or a week, it’s an indication that one of the seals are is leaking. If large amounts of grease show up under the weep hole, then the outer seal is leaking. If the grease seems to just disappear, then the inner seal must be leaking and the grease is escaping into the washbox. In either case, it’s a good idea to plan a time to rebuild the lower bearing assembly. 

Operational Best Practices

How can I ensure I am recovering the maximum amount of clean sand?

First, make sure you are adding the correct amount of manure. Second, make sure you are adding the appropriate amount of process/dilution water for the amount of manure you are processing. Finally, make sure enough water is overflowing the side weir to remove large organic material. The amount of water exiting the side weir should be about 80%.

Recommended Spare Parts List

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain Sand Manure Separator replacement parts at your facility.

Part Name


Lower Bearing Assembly 1
Pillow Block Bearing1
Pillow Block Bearing Adapter1
Pillow Block Bearing Housing1

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