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Download the Stall Fillers Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Stall Filler Troubleshooting Guide can help you reduce downtime by offering corrective actions for situations such as the hydraulics are on, but the hopper belt is not moving; the hydraulics are on, but the discharge belt is not moving; the hopper belt is tracking to one side and more.

Stall Filler Maintenance

Do I need a new hopper belt if the lacing tears?

Not necessarily. A torn belt can often be fixed with a new lacing kit.

How do I tension the hopper/discharge belt?

Adjust the tensioners at the ends of the belt until the belt is tensioned evenly and runs true.

How often do you change the hydraulic oil?

It is recommended that the oil is changed once a year.

I changed tractors and some of the functions are not working. Now what? 

Check the polarity of the battery leads.  

Operational Best Practices

Can I use different vehicles to operate the Stall Filler?

For consistency purposes, use the same tractor every time if possible.

How often should I fill the stalls?

Fill sand stalls about two times per week. Level and groom them in between fillings.

How can I maintain the Stall Filler belts?

Keep both belts tensioned properly and tracking straight.

Recommended Spare Parts

McLanahan Corporation recommends that you keep certain Stall Filler replacement parts at your facility. 

Part Name


Discharge Conveyor Belt1
Discharge Conveyor Drive Shaft Assembly1
Discharge Conveyor Idler Shaft Assembly1
Discharge Conveyor Tail Shaft Assembly1

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