Rockertooth Crushers

Rockertooth Crushers are a highly versatile subcategory of Hammermill Crushers that feature a high crushing ratio and a unique rocking style of impact hammer that permits processing feed materials that may contain larger lumps of material or smaller amounts of harder inclusions.


Rockertooth Crushers can be implemented into a wide variety of applications but will typically be found in applications handling medium-hard friable material with low abrasiveness characteristics. Smaller Rockertooth Crusher models are most commonly incorporated into sampling system applications or pilot plants, while larger models can be used in smaller production oriented settings. The Rockertooth Crusher can also be fitted with fixed hammers to produce relatively coarse crushed output gradations or for lump breaking applications.

Common applications for Rockertooth Crushers include ROM coal for preparation plant feed, rail and barge shipments, secondary crushing applications for mines or power plants, and more. The Rockertooth Crusher is capable of processing minerals such as raw coal, frozen coal, chemicals, metallurgical and petroleum coke, lignite, biofuel, wood products, fertilizers, limestone, circuit boards and most other medium-hard friable materials.

How Rockertooth Crushers Work

Rockertooth Crushers are a type of hammermill crusher. Material to be crushed is fed into the downward turning portion of the Rockertooth rotor where it is initially reduced in size due to contact with rotating impact hammers. Larger particles or harder inclusions in the material feed may rebound off of the front breaker plate and receive multiple hammer strikes until they are sufficiently reduced in size to be drawn further down into the crushing chamber. Once material has been drawn down into the crushing chamber, it is forced against crushing screen or bar assemblies where it is further reduced in size by attrition. Crushed product is forced through the crushing screens or bars and then discharged from the bottom of the Rockertooth. Uncrushable objects are propelled upward out of the crushing chamber where they contact a kick plate and are directed into a tramp collection pocket for later removal.

The crusher’s namesake hammer functions by retracting or rocking slightly back into the rotor assembly when larger particles or harder materials are encountered in the feed. This allows larger or harder material to remain in the feed area of the crusher and receive multiple hammer strikes while maintaining rotor speed until the larger or harder portions of the material feed can be drawn downward into the crushing chamber.

Why McLanahan Rockertooth Crushers

Rockertooth Crushers are designed with the long-term reliability, and the robust design and construction typical of the McLanahan brand. High strength steel enclosures and heavy-duty impact liners ensure that these machines can take their fair share of abuse and continue to produce the properly sized product. Wear-resistant metallurgy extends the life of impact hammers, while wear-resistant perforated crushing plates or crushing bars are used to form the crushing deck.

Uncrushable material or objects that may find their way into the crushing chamber are rejected into a tramp relief pocket to prevent possible damage to the crushing deck. McLanahan’s line of Rockertooth Crushers is designed for simple operation and maintenance, featuring a hinged front panel that allows easy access to removable hammers and hammer rods, as well as removable screen or bar assemblies. Hydraulic assisted opening options make it both safe and simple to view and access the interior of a Rockertooth Crusher for maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rockertooth Crushers

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Low feed rates (less than 12stph [10.8mtph]) of very mildly abrasive material that does not have large lumps of material or a low percentage of hard inclusions can be processed using a Sample Hammermill. If the material to be crushed is very hard in general, or abrasive, a Sample Jaw Crusher would be a better option. If minimal fines generation is necessary in your application, you could also consider a Sample Double Roll Crusher or Mini-Sizer.

McLanahan Rockertooth Crushers are reliable and robust.

Features & Benefits
  • Rocking impact hammer design
  • High ratio crushing
  • Removable drilled and tapped liners
  • Removable and interchangeable crushing screen and crushing bar assemblies
  • Segmented disc rotor design
  • Hinged main access panel assembly with optional hydraulic assisted opening
  • Metal trap

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