Sand Lane Systems

Sand Lane Systems are low-cost solutions for cleaning and dewatering sand recovered from a sand lane or settling system.

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Sand that’s settled and removed from sand lanes is often wet and dirty, requiring long periods of storage and hours of conditioning prior to reuse. This can tie up large amounts of valuable space and bedding sand while the product is allowed to dewater. The Sand Lane System is used to wash and dewater bedding sand that has been harvested from a sand lane settling system. It can be used to dewater other wet and sticky aggregates and minerals as well. 

With minimal effort, sand can be scooped from a sand lane and dumped directly into the system, which removes more than 50 percent of the water and a large percentage of the organics, leaving you with a drier, cleaner sand product. This system saves the producer money by minimizing sand management; producing cleaner, drier sand; and ultimately reducing sand inventory.

How Sand Lane Systems Work

The Sand Lane System is installed on the concrete pad close to the sand lane. Sand is scooped from the lane and dumped directly into the metering hopper. This hopper can serve several purposes. In a washing and dewatering system, water is added to the hopper and mixed with the sand for washing. Organic material is liberated from the sand and floats off with the liquid. The remaining clean sand travels up the screw and is dewatered on the screen. All the water and organic material flow back into the lane along with some fine sand. In a dewatering system, no water is added to the hopper system. The auger meters the sand into the screen for dewatering. In both cases, the sand comes off the screen at about 12-15% moisture and needs minimal conditioning prior to reuse.

Why McLanahan Sand Lane Systems

McLanahan’s team of agriculture professionals is dedicated to helping dairy producers manage their bedding in the most efficient and economical way. This now includes those utilizing sand lanes. The McLanahan Sand Lane system is a unique system that can wash sand, dewater sand, or wash and dewater. It uses the same technologies that have been proven in aggregate and agriculture systems for providing long life and trouble-free operation.

The Sand Lane System consists of mining-duty equipment that includes a hopper, auger or sand washer and Dewatering Screen. Sand drying time is reduced without the addition of water.

Although McLanahan Corporation always takes the time to evaluate each customer’s needs to ensure solutions are optimized for their dairy, the Sand Lane System is fairly standard for each customer, with different sizes depending on tonnage requirements.This allows for quick delivery, as well as simple installation and startup. Contact McLanahan today to learn how you can improve the quality of your recycled sand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sand Lane Systems

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Sand Lane Systems are normally set up so the sand can be processed at the same rate that the sand is scooped from the lane. This ensures the loader operator remains busy and doesn’t need to wait on the sand equipment. What we’ve found is that the range of processing is about 30 to 60 tons per hour. This depends on the size of the loader, the length of the sand lane, and the distance the operator needs to carry the sand before dumping it into the system. 

The footprint for this type of system is relatively small since there aren’t many pieces of equipment. We like to see it installed close to the sand lane so the loader operator doesn’t have to move as far to dump the sand into the system and the water that’s removed can flow back into the lane. A sample layout can be found here.

The system can be set up three ways. The simplest way is to install a sandwasher and feed hopper. This will produce a clean sand product with about 20% moisture. The sand will still need at least several weeks to dewater. A Dewatering Screen can be added to this first system and the sand will be both cleaned and dewatered. The sand will come off the system at about 12% moisture and need minimal conditioning prior to reuse. The last type of system is strictly a dewatering system. In this type of system, no water is added for cleaning. The sand is dumped into a metering hopper/auger, which feeds a dewatering screen.

Watch this great testimonial from Star Rock Dairy on how a dewatering system helped them manage their sand.

The Sand Lane System is used to wash and dewater bedding sand that has been harvested from a sand lane settling system.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduce or eliminate sand inventory
  • Recycle cleaner sand
  • No water is required
  • High capacity
  • Quick and easy setup

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